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  • REC014 - celldoorslam Mansfield Reformatory - 6/25/2015- we're all in a group, everyone accounted for, and we hear a vicious slam of a steel cell door. We were in the east cell block.
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  • REC011 - fyoustupid Mansfield Reformatory 6/25/2015- I'm busy giving my spiel about how I think the team's energy can impact paranormal activity. At the end of my first comment, I hear something (and interpret it as "f*ck you"). Then, at the end of the bit, I hear "Stupid" spoken fast. Kinda cool.
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  • REC010 - whatisthis Mansfield Reformatory 6/25/2015- under our talking, you hear a "what issss thissss.."
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  • REC009 - chairroom Mansfield 6/25/2015- I was in the admin/warden area, and had just sat down in a chair (though I was warned not to by a fellow team member, apparently men aren't welcome in that seat). For the first 5 minutes while I sat there I felt like I was out at sea- the chair kept rocking back and forth, left to right. I assume it had to do with dumb luck (uneven floorboards and force=massxacceleration and all that bit). To me this kinda sounds like "i avenge", but that's not 100% correct. I just can't make it out yet.
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  • MPSH003-2450-SOMUCH Madison Seminary, 6/27/15- Zack and Kylie are talking and I hear "Oh my god...you're so much bigger!". Although this *could* be a secondary conversation with someone else in the room, it just feels completely out of place (especially after listening to the entire segment). Interpret as you will...
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  • MPSH003-LETMEBE Madison Seminary, 6/27/15 - Zack says "I'm going to move on now", and we catch a slightly delayed "Let me be!"
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  • REC019-IMUSTGO(raw) Madison Seminary, 6/27/15- Tyus snores, and then we catch an EVP... interpreted as "I must go", spoken in haste
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  • Barn - cleaned and amplified Prospect Place 5/10/15, in the barn. We interpret it as "Get out... turn back!"
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  • Barn - Raw file Prospect Place - 5/10/2015- in the barn. Listen for the faint voice...
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  • DR0000_0029 - noidont Mansfield Reformatory 5/15/2015 - "No I don't"
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