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Myself is a great passionate of singing from the childhood. Also I am a great fan of Kishore Kumar, the legend of Indian Music. However I did not get the opportunity and time to learn music, but I like to sing on my own with whatever little melody given by the God to me. I use to share my recorded and mixed cover songs here in YL. Please listen, comment and follow me if you like my uploads.

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  • Tum Bin Jau Kaha.. Kishore Da has performed this famous song both in Bengali & in Hindi. I like both the versions too much..Hence tried to accommodate both versions in single cover. Also Rafi Sahab has sung the same song too, which was also mind blowing. Hope you will enjoy this cover. More you comment , more I get inspiration.
    SantanuMel... 00:03:12 102 0 Downloads 16 Comments
  • Intehan Ho Gai Intezar Ki.. I like the tume of this song..especially the slower portion..Hope you will also like, however there is some ups & downs in the track..
    SantanuMel... 00:07:51 85 0 Downloads 14 Comments
  • Chingari Koi Bhadke.. One of the popular melody of Kishore Da, tried to cover. Hope you will like.
    SantanuMel... 00:05:49 82 0 Downloads 10 Comments
  • Dil Kyun Ye Mera Shor Kare.. This is a very descent melodious song and I like this song very much from the Movie Kites@Year-2010 from KK [ Not Kishore Kumar ]. If Possible, please play in your Home theater with a bit loud volume, I bet you will enjoy the tune & the rich music..Hope you will like & please share your comment on this cover of mine...
    SantanuMel... 00:05:34 116 0 Downloads 14 Comments
  • Badi suni suni hai zindagi.. This is my tribute on this very unlucky day,13th Oct, when this world has lost the legendry singer Kishore Kumar...Badi Suni Suni Hai..
    SantanuMel... 00:03:44 85 0 Downloads 11 Comments
  • Ruk Jana Nahi Tu Kahi Harke.. A very popular song of Kishore Kumar..tried to cover with new music with a slower track..Actually I recorded this song to dedicate some of my very close colegue, who is moving out of our team.Also tried some effect in this, hope you will enjoy this cover and can identify that effect... :)
    SantanuMel... 00:05:31 76 0 Downloads 8 Comments
  • Sach Mere Yaar Hai..A Tribute to the Singer SP Balasubrahman Song: Sach Mere Yaar Hai, Bas Wohi Paar Hai Movie: Saagar (1985) Original Singer : S. P. Balasubrahmanyam Covered By: Santanu Das Recorded By : Santanu Das Mixing & Mastering : Santanu Das
    SantanuMel... 00:05:29 113 0 Downloads 13 Comments
  • Aur Kya Ahede Wafa Hote Hai.. Tried to cover this semi classical song from the movie Sunny, actual song is of Suresh Wadkar. Please listen and share your valuable feedbacks, I would appreciate if you can please point out the flaws or the portions, where there is scope of improvements with your expert views.
    SantanuMel... 00:04:56 106 0 Downloads 12 Comments
  • Teri Ankhoke Siwa.. This is probably the first time I am recording this melodious song of Rafi Sahab. 2 days back I have hard this song as I had received a cover song video from my friend of another singer & liked this song so much, that could not stop me recording on the same day after some practice. Surprisingly , later I found that the same song was uploaded by Naqvi Sir few days back. What a co-incidence, this might be called the Singers' Telepathy :) LOL. However please listen and let me know how Rafi Sahab song suites my voice in comparison to Kishore Da songs.
    SantanuMel... 00:05:04 101 0 Downloads 15 Comments
  • Sei Rate Raat Chilo Purnima..A Kishore Kumar Bangali Song This is a very famous and melodious song of Kishore Kumar in his later age..This is a piece of his world famous yourdlings, which is very difficult to imitate by many singers..Tried to cover it from my heart.Please listen to it and share your valuable feedbacks on my performance..Would like to hear more on the improvement points..Hope you will like it...The theme of the song is like.."The singer recalling from his loving moments of past in a full moon night, when his darling was with him very close and the beautiful romantic moments..but unfortunately she is not there now with him now..."
    SantanuMel... 00:04:04 94 0 Downloads 11 Comments
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