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  • Rural Mail Carrier UFO Episode
    Rural Mail Carrier UFO Episode After listening go to:, and search for Evan Sasman to leave a tip so we can make more episodes. If you keep tipping, we'll keep making more. In this episode, when a UFO crashes in Mosquito Crossing, Sam mistakes it for a FedEx truck and tries to help the aliens delivery their package.
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  • Rural Mail Carrier Humility Episode
    Rural Mail Carrier Humility Episode The Mosquito Crossing Good Old Boys bowling team has qualified for the state champeenship. It's the first time anyone there has qualified for state since cousin Harold went to the state cow chip tossing champeenship and he was disqualified and he was disqualified for throwing at his cousin in the stands 'cause he ate all the nachos and cheese. The judges were impressed by the distance and accuracy of the throw but sadly had to disqualify him. When the Good Old Boys find out they're going against a wheelchair bowling team, they get a little overconfident and learn a lesson in humility.
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  • Death's Door
    Death's Door Eric Sharp interview with Steve Lehto from Michigan, the author of Death's Door: The Truth Behind the Italian Hall Disaster and the Strike of 1913, first published by Momentum Books in 2006 and already in its 4th printing. The book won a Michigan Notable Book award in 2006 and has been widely reviewed.
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  • Rural Mail Carrier Bird Flu Episode
    Rural Mail Carrier Bird Flu Episode Radio comedy. The flu has hit lovely Mosquito Crossing, WI, and everyone blames Mrs. Johnson's pet chicken, Miracle. A posse forms to get that chicken. Bert brings his family's secret barbecue sauce. It's up to Sam and Elvis to save the day. Produced and performed by a cast of folks with disabilities.
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