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With ScanScore you can scan sheet music and have them played to you. For scanning, you can use a smartphone, a tablet or a conventional scanner. Via the MusicXML interface you can export your notes to almost any music program and edit them further.

ScanScore is available now from scan-score.com. ScanScore Melody is the most simple and affordable edition for one-staff systems. ScanScore Ensemble scans in four-part scores, as needed for a choir or quartet. ScanScore Professional will be available soon. A free trial version, including all ScanScore features, is available now at scan-score.com.

ScanScore Professional offers unlimited scanning, as well as some additional bonus features on top!

ScanScore`s Uploads

  • Introductory Video - ScanScore Melody - Ensemble - Pro
    Introductory Video - ScanScore Melody - Ensemble - Pro ScanScore is available! From now on you can download the new note recognition software from our website. ScanScore Melody is a simple and unbeatably cheap program version for simple songs with one staff. With ScanScore Ensemble you can scan up to four staves at once, for example a choir ensemble. A professional version for scanning large orchestra scores will be released soon.
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