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  • Healing & Reclamation
    Healing & Reclamation SoulWork is designed to strengthen your relationship with yourself. You’ll be supported and trained to access and express your truth (which is a powerful catalyst to transform every relationship in your life).
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  • Transformation
    Transformation In this club we believe that happiness, power and grace is an inside job. That’s why we choose to work with the three elements of training, food and soul. For some, training comes easy whilst the food part get’s left unnoticed. Some might eat nourishing food but still lack the energy and power due to incorrect or non existing training. In Transformation we use all three elements to bring out the most radiant, sharp, strong and empowered YOU!
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  • Johanna Andersson Yoga
    Johanna Andersson Yoga Soul Work is an investment, there is no doubt about it. In every program you’ll get guided meditations and relaxations and this is where you start to connect to your deepest desires. This is where The Best You is already pulsing, vibrating, yearning to bloom.
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  • Guided Meditations and Relaxation
    Guided Meditations and Relaxation SoulWork Club is a body, mind and soul experience which focuses on high intensity workouts, healthy and balanced SoulFood designed to get you results, meditation and mindfulness practices to connect to your soul and juicy desire, all while helping you love yourself and your body every step of the way.
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