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I am not a rapper. I am an artist painting pictures with my words. I view rap as a way to intergrate the challenge of pulling experiences from each portrait and relating it to the canvas (beat) as it intertwines.

Beats birth dynamic and sometimes chaotic images; the feeling and sounds that evolve often mirror my life, experiences, & aspirations.

The Process of going into the booth is like wanting to study an unknown topic in class. The mic poses as paper and allows me to record new observations that many may never seen or commonly known. My voice as the pen, marks a unique impression putting together a masterpiece.

I am a very deep thinker who is very passionate about my work. My vision exceeds far more than one can imagine. Through this journey, I paint this picture through my words.

Spruce`s Uploads

  • Easy Bake
    Easy Bake Single Off My High Socks Demo LP #Easy-Bake Describes a story of a bakers man. #Prod. By @21TheProducer #Twitter- @21TheProducer #Soundcloud: Spruce914 #Engineer IG: @Donthegwop #Twitter: @Promo_Spruce914 #Twitter: @914Spruce #Twitter: @Spruce914 #Twitter: @GRLRecordingLLC
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  • Cruise Control
    Cruise Control Single Off My High Socks Demo LP #CruiseControl #Prod. By The Olympicks (DatPiff Exclusive) Describes a Story of a Mr. & Mrs. Spruce #Soundcloud: Spruce914 #Engineer IG: Donthegwop #Twitter: @Promo_Spruce914 #Twitter: @914Spruce #Twitter: @Spruce914 #Twitter: @GRLRecordingLLC
    Spruce 00:02:09 446 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Topman
    Topman Single Off My High Socks Demo LP TopMan Describes a story of a Love that was Lost. #Soundcloud: Spruce914 #Engineer IG: Donthegwop #Twitter: @Promo_Spruce914 #Twitter: @914Spruce #Twitter: @Spruce914 #Twitter: @GRLRecordingLLC
    Spruce 00:02:34 413 0 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Point Of View
    Point Of View Single Off My High Socks Demo LP #PointOfView Describes a story that God Only Knows. #Prod By Jahlil Beats - As The World Turns #Twitter- @JahlilBeats #Soundcloud: Spruce914 #Engineer IG: @Donthegwop #Twitter: @Promo_Spruce914 #Twitter: @914Spruce #Twitter: @Spruce914 #Twitter: @GRLRecordingLLC
    Spruce 00:04:19 4.32 K 0 Downloads 0 Comments
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