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LOVE IS LOVE. Fire music & Rap instrumentals. Free downloads. Beats for your budget. Real art, true emceeing.
**Music that will help your teens properly mature and be productive citizens and not anything that will earn them a prison bid. Jesus in the elements. Contact if you want to collaborate. Gby!! [[short bio below]]

God loves you, He has amazing plans for you and yours, believe and ask Jesus into your heart. Ask for His presence to fill your life. Cultivate the fruit of His Spirit in your life, steward His glory. You are awesome!! You are a gift for us all, you are important. Love you fam.
Emcee, Producer, Writer, Artist, Thinker, Seer, Son, Fighter, King, Priest, Daddy, Husband, Servant, Lover. #MINISTER
Short Bio;
Latino, born in Paterson NJ and raised in Tampa FL. Was suicidal since the age of 12. In and out of jail. Grew up full of emotional pain and very
depressed addicted to drugs, alcohol, adrenalin and sex. Doctors diagnosed me with a number of mental disorders. Physically challenged since the age of 17 with a spinal disease that has progressively gotten worse. A week from my 16th birthday I decided to join the Latin Kings street gang and was a member for over 5 years. When I really felt I was finally going to die and go to hell for my sins I came into an encounter with the God of Israel. The course of my life was forever changed never to be the same again and has been morphing ever since, from glory to glory. Now I am a family man in love with Jesus!!
Donations are very well appreciated, I have 9 kids to properly care for and I am facing financial difficulties due to physical challenges I have been dealing with for over 10 years, thank you so very much fam. Download "PROMO" cd from NoiseTrade or DatPiff and make sure you hit that "LIKE" button my Facebook fan page and follow me on all my social media.

Thank you all for your love and generous support.

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  • StreetLife925 - Earth Cries
    StreetLife925 - Earth Cries Stop spittin flows and fabricating musical concepts that glorify demons and contribute to the demise of our kids and ultimately our future. God has awesome plans for you!! Jesus is head over heels crazy in love with YOU!! [[[LYRICS]]] =1stVerse= So you wanna be thug think it's koo to just shoot cuz you don't give a love but are you thinkin it through I know I wasn't when I was like you the type to talk to demons when I was like 2 dreams full of blood weed in my lung a young alcoholic 15 sniffin up like 2 Gs in a bump call it whatever you wanna call it I call it uneducated how I left so many ballin dribbling tears baby mommas with residual fears could any witness appear after they disappeared loneliness felt like a spear rippin thru my gear my bloody knuckles were my peers when I had clear 12 when I first tried to flat-line death seemed like pillow my escape route the back side fight club was it me or was it that guy sick huh? you aint no killa thats why. =Hook= God forgive us for we know not what we doin how we influence our culture kids are listening tears are glistening the earth cries still we love not. =2ndVerse= Oh but you so gangsta droppin dimes like anchors cockin nines since pampers selling what your killing with blood money feeling it but do you know who you dealing with crime boss syndicate pimp daddy pimp you and your daddy Satan is this criminal terrorist lookin happy gettin off when you drink the juice and don't pause God knows that it's really piss but drink it if your lost oh so you don't agree with the Church tired of getting judged and grieved by the Church I knows how it be but I'll bleed for the Church out of Love God is Love His heart beats for the Church not a building but you and me set free from the hurt there is power in the blood or I wouldn't be spittin verse after verse out in these streets where the least will be first if I can keep you from reachin that hearse let it be I'll rehearse. =Hook= God forgive us for we know not what we doin how we influence our culture kids are listening tears are glistening the earth cries still we love not. =3rdVerse= Deeper than where slugs take souls to reaper in the flesh no soul food preacher hold your breath I'm local them same kids and people you poke through death it seems to be like so cute till he approach you and you see your dead body layin there blood clotting while your jogging how you end up there it was all so fast you don't remember where you left God at oh so now you scared Love is love no matter what the fudge Jesus Christ is risen up He aint dead visits us in the hood yes its true absolute spiritual relatively physical so when I judge bruh it's unconditional from medicinal purposes transitional no need to be that preacher who judges you or that judge who preaches instead of lovin busy shovin his eyes in me easy does it cuzin let Jesus ease us in this oven and never covet. =Outro= We wanna love like You God, it's what You paid for, You deserve it, and so do the countless billions who know we don't identify with love. We wanna love like You God, so that the world may see You in us and hopefully encounter You, Your kindness, Your gentleness that has made us so great. It's all about how much You Love the World Papi and not about how much we might hate it. I wanna love like You because I want to know You better. Your love is my Master pieces. My life is Your love. Thank You for Your grace. BEAT-"seanmurdz+newanotherdayhit"
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  • Why Do Me Wrong?
    Why Do Me Wrong? =1stVerse= Allow me to set it off off the head my head is part of my heart body art master piece eye candy plaster me across the sun Love has never lost the One won fair and square I share His story like it's mine it is minus all the things it aint cuz love is real this here my love I spill gather all around My hill from every nation like Israel I brought you here to tell you that I love you always have forever will don't let the world make Me disgust you. =2ndVerse= I know that poison seems appealing if death before dishonor is unwilling because your truth is so unyielding sealing your reality with lies their aint no ceiling in my skies I'm really faithful Adonai when your under pressure I cry cried me a storm passion fire inside trying to guide your reaction action words in your mind graphic pictures my blood drips lashes feel as my skin rips can I imagine I lived it it wasn't magic forgiveness led me to the cross fed me to the lost break bread with the Boss collect Me for your loss but my love is a job if peace isn't taboo than why not fight for God you in Me I in you I owe you nothing gave it all already but your thinking is spaghetti getting nowhere easy cheesy bread bizghetti you think i thought without grace so you give me the machete and do an about face frontin with that yeti. =3rdVerse= Skip to my lou but you rather skip all the rules and wonder why your confused blaming me like I'm the fool I AM right here but you say that I AM nowhere My hearts in My hand beating wishing we could go there discover everything under covers rose pedals gold linens lovers exploring each other in truth and in spirit we synchronize with no rubber so so so raw so we stutter we set these goals word the mother now you wanna go blubber? BEAT;-EliteProducers - _NEW_ DON'T YOU TEAR US APART W_HOOK-
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  • Many Men
    Many Men Visit SoundCloud.com/StreetLife925 for FINAL version to this song and all my lyrics to every song. =1stVerse= Many men let time go by sun up sun down so true what I say that many men won't see thugs cry but no gangsta shy when it comes to many heavy sins the wind blows to and fro flow so cold it burns when it burns many men get lost in the cost we know life aint free aint no pass go fee when your already dead soul in a hole mind in a bucket come and rise above it many men wish that they was you so be all that you can be the real you in light of the urgency live life like its blood writing poetry cuz it is the more that we all can see the more that we become basking as sons in Gods majesty. =2ndVerse= They say Pac is still alive and that Biggie went to hell it sucks Pun died Easy E, ODB, Big L, Left Eye, Freaky Tah, Poetic, here today gone tomorrow dont sweat it unless you know no justice then your headed where you know that the sun dont shine and to your surprise there regrettin every time you dismissed the Gospel with a kiss money where your mouth is a temporary fix for the cheese like a mouse is playing you like this? you was meant for more you aint no hooligan and aint nothing wrong with money so why war? its a lust for power and preservation of life as we serve ourselves above a God whos higher, anti-Messiah but I see fire purging our choirs, our youth learning about higher learning higher at a heavenly level discerning lairs. Sanctified minds and hearts that desire nothing but the Truth holy Truth empire rebuke devils heal the sick the old me old me is retired. Jesus is Lord in heaven and on earth and beneath so let Him in you work. Theres no reason for your hurt to increase for rejecting Him, please before your six feet in the dirt. Hell is for real know the deal know your worth more than heels more than that fat purse you wanna steal. Look at me I was cursed defeated death and I'm coming back for my Church. =3dVerse= So many years gone by I aint never gonna get back unless I learned the lesson and learned to give back wisdom from on High sit back and get high on my supply Holy Ghost fire Messiah never retired I'm livin proof spittin clues rhythm and blues Jerry Maguire. Led by the Spirit so every step is acquitted. Love so free so in love Ima be. All sin is sin good news in Christ we all begin brand new in school we must repent see different eat different and make new friends cuz I can relate tears flood my eyes I cant bare the pain watching time go by and there be lives at steak and they only care about themselves till it's too late. BEAT-"Onnie - melancholy space"
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  • StreetLife925 - Wiz Khalifa - Incense [So Loud] (GhostMix)
    StreetLife925 - Wiz Khalifa - Incense [So Loud] (GhostMix) SoundCloud.com/StreetLife925 - Facebook.com/StreetLife925
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  • StreetLife925 Presents - EDM Vol. 1 (Christian Dance Music)
    StreetLife925 Presents - EDM Vol. 1 (Christian Dance Music) TRACK LISTING; 01. Newsboys - Way Beyond Myself (DJ Jireh Remix) 02. Nitrous Oxide - Follow You (ft. Aneym)[Alex Farway Remix] 03. Matthew Parker - I Am Yours (DJ Jireh Remix) 04. Dj Jireh - Deeper (feat Nalini Tranquim) - Original Mix 05. Nicole Sponberg - Resurrection (Trance remix) 06. Kim Walker Smith - Show Me Your Glory - DUBSTEP REMIX 07. Dj Jessus - Natural Order Jesus 08. YeshuAddix - HOLY ft. Kim Walker DJ VALENT Remix 09. Dj Jireh - Entrance to The king 10. Jessica Morris - Love of The Father - Dj Jireh 11. Dj Jireh - Beside You (ft. Chantelle Perhat) - Progressive Mix 12. Dj Jireh - Yours (ft. Naliini Tranquim) 13. DJ Tony Foxx - Source of Life 14. Dj Jireh - I'm Alive In You (ft. Nalini Tranquim) - Original mix 15. Hillsongs - Above All (130 bpm) 16. Jocelyn Lee - I Can Only Imagine - Techno Praise I do not own these individual songs. I mixed them. Enjoy!!
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  • Dear Destiny (East Coast)
    Dear Destiny (East Coast) Stream and or download the entire project here - noisetrade.com/streetlife925/promo LYRICS =1stVerse= Father here I am before the alter of your Love where water mingles with blood and grace fizzles with dust You aint have to but you did You sent Your Son in the likeness of sinful men crushed Him as pure as He was is and forever will be the ultimate atonement the Way so You wouldn't kill me so whether I'm filthy or not I know that You feel me Your Love is knowledge that fills me reveals in me now who I will be disfigured Him for us to reconfigure us with Love satisfied Your wrath with Truth building in us up a royal house a place you can call home where trust is magnified and Love is God on the throne almost 12 on the clock since I left that old man in a box dead and berried away paradox forgotten now every day is a new one in Your embrace Creator created child staring Dad in His Holy face. =2ndVerse= In beginning was the Word and Word was with God the Word is God exposing the inner person with Life Love Joy and Hope illuminating my soul understanding Your Light beyond a facade in this world where the empty mind is full of strife I can believe I have Peace if I pain grieve what what I write bleed in the rain commit to leak the glory out my veins as behold your sweet words when they came and they come when You do humility is ultimate reality beneath the face of man's fallen mentality depraved morality what was then mortality without You Lord continue to illuminate my thoughts without You pour my soul out seize me to never doubt You soar like an eagle overstanding the storm glory the size of the eye of the needle panning out the war as I rest and harmonize like We do. =3rdVerse= Sweeter than sweet could ever be sweet to see and receive Peace and forever be free indeed you will in me to proceed never decrease never cease the increase of your reach as you teach me to be led not by heart or my head but by your glorious resting in the art I was fed when I started I was dead so I had to be born again now you shine like a star in my head gave me a knew heart You give me what the Father does and only in You can I define art You are beyond real Holy Ghost beyond feel the real vibe in what my fans feel when I appeal with Your reality Your person in and through me purging me from gravity so we could rise leave behind the lies the pride of life the lust of the eyes and every fallen fruit that can so easily hypnotize me but You are amazing the agent to all creation wind rain fire and oil in animation open eye visions transition as I grow in all of Your Wisdom and in all of Your Revelation simply cuz your Love says so and I believe what I can see in my pecho Faith releasing souls from death row true sons of God Kingdom people heal the sick disciple the nations die to live lets go! ------- I do not own this beat BEAT;-Dear Destiny_allroundaproductions+newdeardestinywhookfreedl-
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  • How Far We've Come ft. Kid Ink (New School)
    How Far We've Come ft. Kid Ink (New School) Stream and or download the entire project here - noisetrade.com/streetlife925/promo LYRICS =1stVerse= It's been a long time comin sweatin bricks in this oven prophetic process Word purging me from the junk in my soul synchronizing my mind with the heart of the Lord could now enjoy my life and live in love peace in my home holy is He who sits on the throne yo so holy He is He sits on His own throne establishes His kingdom in freedom no need to phone home throne zone livin holy its lovely to be who i was born for to be or not to be aint even a question be to see or not to see a different dimension and be all you can be no need for so many questions we got the keys. =2ndVerse= In the face of the One who is grace in the Son joy and strength for the fun embrace truth with my lungs cuz even when i use to smoke weed He chased me with love bottle to the head He laced me with love one taste and you'll come don't hesitate love has won let loose that bubble goose prove nothing with that noose God already hung I should of died eye for an eye tooth for a tooth look what the weather brung so I thank God for every trail and tribulation and that thus far I wasn't lost in translation I AM literal education spiritual vaccination cause even my enemies remind me of heavenly melodies taking me deeper than what i speak of so my choice'll remain the same regardless the wind and rain let the earth quake through them I celebrate my rebirthday. =3rdVerse= They said I'd never change called me all sorts of thangs spit at my name rejoiced over the pain that came when it rained it poured dinosours and airplanes but I thank the Lord that His grace endured before hand the shame of falling short who would of ever thought we would of made it this far this heart it longs for God piff naw I spit bars that rep more than war my God created Mars...and He loves you, yes He loves you let Him care for you He wants to hug you...enough is enough love is upon you...cuz He loves you. BEAT;-vinay+newlookinoutwhookkidinkfreedl- I do not own this beat...
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