StreetLife925 - Earth Cries
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Stop spittin flows and fabricating musical concepts that glorify demons and contribute to the demise of our kids and ultimately our future. God has awesome plans for you!! Jesus is head over heels crazy in love with YOU!!
So you wanna be thug think it's koo to just shoot cuz you don't give a love but are you thinkin it through I know I wasn't when I was like you the type to talk to demons when I was like 2 dreams full of blood weed in my lung a young alcoholic 15 sniffin up like 2 Gs in a bump call it whatever you wanna call it I call it uneducated how I left so many ballin dribbling tears baby mommas with residual fears could any witness appear after they disappeared loneliness felt like a spear rippin thru my gear my bloody knuckles were my peers when I had clear 12 when I first tried to flat-line death seemed like pillow my escape route the back side fight club was it me or was it that guy sick huh? you aint no killa thats why.

God forgive us for we know not what we doin how we influence our culture kids are listening tears are glistening the earth cries still we love not.

Oh but you so gangsta droppin dimes like anchors cockin nines since pampers selling what your killing with blood money feeling it but do you know who you dealing with crime boss syndicate pimp daddy pimp you and your daddy Satan is this criminal terrorist lookin happy gettin off when you drink the juice and don't pause God knows that it's really piss but drink it if your lost oh so you don't agree with the Church tired of getting judged and grieved by the Church I knows how it be but I'll bleed for the Church out of Love God is Love His heart beats for the Church not a building but you and me set free from the hurt there is power in the blood or I wouldn't be spittin verse after verse out in these streets where the least will be first if I can keep you from reachin that hearse let it be I'll rehearse.

God forgive us for we know not what we doin how we influence our culture kids are listening tears are glistening the earth cries still we love not.

Deeper than where slugs take souls to reaper in the flesh no soul food preacher hold your breath I'm local them same kids and people you poke through death it seems to be like so cute till he approach you and you see your dead body layin there blood clotting while your jogging how you end up there it was all so fast you don't remember where you
left God at oh so now you scared Love is love no matter what the fudge Jesus Christ is risen up He aint dead visits us in the hood yes its true absolute spiritual relatively physical so when I judge bruh it's unconditional from medicinal purposes transitional no need to be that preacher who judges you or that judge who preaches instead of lovin busy shovin his eyes in me easy does it cuzin let Jesus ease us in this oven and never covet.

We wanna love like You God, it's what You paid for, You deserve it, and so do the countless billions who know we don't identify with love. We wanna love like You God, so that the world may see You in us and hopefully encounter You, Your kindness, Your gentleness that has made us so great. It's all about how much You Love the World Papi and not about how much we might hate it. I wanna love like You because I want to know You better. Your love is my Master pieces. My life is Your love. Thank You for Your grace.


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