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  • New-TCM-Organizers-Call-Getting-Organized-for-June26th
    New-TCM-Organizers-Call-Getting-Organized-for-June26th Ezra Silk spoke with new TCM organizers from Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, New York, Washington, D.C., and Florida about a number of ways to get started organizing for June 26, as well as ideas about actions to hold on June 26.
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  • Intro-Call-on-June-26-National-Day-of-Action-February-17th
    Intro-Call-on-June-26-National-Day-of-Action-February-17th With about 20 enthusiastic people on hand from across the country, Margaret & Ezra give an overview of the June 26 day of action - including the goals and potential actions. If you are interested in participating in the 2nd national day of action for Climate Mobilization, this is the place to start.
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  • State-of-TCM-call-february-7th
    State-of-TCM-call-february-7th Margaret discusses the exciting recent development in The Climate Mobilization, including the addition of many talented, dedicated mobilizers, as well as the great outcomes Climate Emergency Caucus. The importance of creating a local group with regular meetings is emphasized. Plans for next steps are discussed briefly.
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  • Lead-Organizer-call-February-3rd-2016
    Lead-Organizer-call-February-3rd-2016 Margaret gives an update of how the Emergency Climate Caucus went, and other top organizers debrief their recent activities. Brainstorming of how to build on TCM's success and what kinds of efforts we need organizers to work on are discussed.
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  • Lead-Organizer-call-January-13th-2016
    Lead-Organizer-call-January-13th-2016 In this call for new TCM organizers, Ezra explained that the Pledge is designed to shock people out of complacency, denial and apathy, give them a realistic sense of hope, and facilitate the building of a mass movement calling for Climate Mobilization. He explained the great organizing work going on in Southern California and Missouri, and asked the approximately 10 callers to describe how they can envision organizing for TCM. Toward the beginning, Cathy Bell, of St. Louis, powerfully described why TCM is the only group that she views as calling for action on the scale and with the speed necessary to protect young people.
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  • State-of-TCM-call-January-10th-2016
    State-of-TCM-call-January-10th-2016 Margaret Klein Salamon briefed the callers on The Climate Mobilization's progress, as well as its origins and values. Focuses included: The upcoming Climate Emergency Caucus in Iowa and rallies/ civil disobedience events targeting congress that are being planned for June. Questions were taken from callers including, “How can we possibly accomplish such lofty goals!”
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  • Introduction to The Climate Mobilization
    Introduction to The Climate Mobilization The Climate Mobilization Director, Margaret Klein Salamon, and Deputy Director, Ezra Silk, introduce themselves, and explain The Climate Mobilization's origins, values, strategy, and how new people can get Mobilized! This call provides a good overview for people new to TCM, and some interesting context and discussion for those who are already Mobilized. 66 minutes.
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  • Margaret.Interview
    Margaret.Interview MKS.interview
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  • mobilizer-meeting-November-19th
    mobilizer-meeting-November-19th TCM's organizing team discuss the call script for the Mobilize Congress state calling effort on this call. Ezra Silk gave a trail run on the call script with Jack Reich as the call recipient. Cliff Cockerham, Chris Young, and Jack also gave pointers on how to give great phone calls. Definitely worth a listen if you are making calls for TCM!
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  • mobilizer-meeting-november-12th
    mobilizer-meeting-november-12th We discussed how to get started on the Mobilize Congress campaign. Ezra Silk recounted his experience trying out the Community Power Structure Analysis in Maine. We also discussed how to use this technique in Massachusetts and other states. A great call to listen to if you are ready to Mobilize your Congressional District!
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