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WWVU's only news and politics talk show. We air every Wednesday at 7pm while West Virginia University is in session. Listen to us at 91.7 FM locally, online at u92.wvu.edu, or under the College/University category on iTunes Radio.

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  • Diversity on Campus
    Diversity on Campus In this episode our hosts Nick Villano and Mostafa Hashem take on the issue of diversity and how it affects higher learning from all perspectives.
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  • Spring Break
    Spring Break On this episode, our hosts Kiley Putnam and Mary Kate McNerney discuss all student options for spring break and how to stay safe wherever you go.
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  • The Progression of Media
    The Progression of Media In this episode our hosts Jim Guiliano and Clarissa Cottrill take on the ever changing world of new media, from reality TV to Facebook, and how it affects our generation and those to come.
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  • Two Party Politics
    Two Party Politics On this episode our hosts Clarissa Cottrill and Rachel Elkins take on the two party political system from all angles. We talk to members from the two major parties and an emerging third party to get the whole story on our political future.
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  • Elk River Chemical Spill
    Elk River Chemical Spill In this episode, our hosts Ardath Osborne and Jamie Robinson take on the recent environmental disaster in southern West Virginia. We discuss all health, environmental, and economic perspectives. We are searching for the answers that are being denied to many.
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  • Online Security
    Online Security In this episode of Feedback, our hosts Clarissa Cottrill and Nick Villano take on the topic of online security and safety. In the new crime wave of the digital age, we talk about how to stay safe and what the real risks are.
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  • Adventure West Virginia
    Adventure West Virginia In this episode of WWVU-FM's only news and politics talk show, Feedback, we discuss West Virginia University's Adventure program and their new canopy tour. Hosted by Matt Horter and Schuyler Harvath.
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  • Violence in Schools
    Violence in Schools In this episode of Feedback, our hosts Nick Villano and Zach Abe take on the topic of violence in schools, ranging from bullying to gun violence and everything in between. Dr. Manning of the West Virginia University Department of Criminology and Chief Roberts of the WVU Police weigh in one this captivating issue. * Due to a technical difficulty, conversational introductions are omitted from this show and begins at the discussion.
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  • Student Organizations
    Student Organizations In this Fall 2013 episode of Feedback our hosts James Guiliano, Lindsay Terlikowski, and Mostafa Hashem discuss student organizations on the West Virginia University campus. How to get involved and how to start a new organization are just a sample of the many topics featured in this discussion.
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  • Disaster Relief and Charities
    Disaster Relief and Charities In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, our hosts Cori Lucotch and Clarissa Cottrill take on the issues of disaster relief and charitable organizations. In this episode we take on the credibility of charities, the process of disaster relief, and media influence on disasters among many other topics.
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