I am someone who feels strongly about making a career in music. At the moment the only music producing option I have is Garage Band. I know the Garage Band can be really basic since audio sounds are pre-made but if given to the right person, those loops can be turned into something beautiful. I hope to move higher up and get past Garage Band but for now it's all I can get. I try my best in each song I make. Granted they aren't the best. Some are better than others. Every song I have on here, I have put full effort into. As you listen to my music as a whole you can hear the transition of becoming more complex. Most if not all my songs are repetitive in their use of loops. At the time my resources were and still are limited. What I plan to do with my music is show people that it doesn't have to sound like only one genre. The music I make touches on different genres either within the song or in different tracks. Give me a chance and I will show you my potential and tell you my story.

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