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  • Isaac Stretton Volume 1 Hi everyone, i've only been getting into Dj'ing for about 6 months and just got to the point of making my first 60 minute mix-tape with music that i really feel for. i would like feedback if i'm going somewhere with this. I did a 10 week Dj course just to learn thing's i haven't taught myself. anyway my mixtape is still a work in progress and it needs a bit of improvement in some areas, i intend to extend it to 80 minutes later down the track. but hopefully by your feedback i'm on the right page or if i need to spice thing's up a bit. i don't even bar count, i just know when and where my music drops as a natural habbit and i've always had a passion for music my entire life, more then anything to be perfectly honest...enjoy :) hope the audio quality is okay.
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