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  • What Are the Gifts of ADHD - Mark Patey, Successful serial entrepreneur, world-record holding aviation enthusiast, author, and speaker entertains his a
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  • A New Year A New You - Our super-heros, Mark and Miah, take on the new year. News Years goals are a bi#@!. Where does motivation come from?
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  • A Short Because We Just Had To Mark and Miah take on an article about ADHD diagnoses in preschool children.
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  • Three Things Before Meds Opening distraction, three months left to live. Then onto the topic from a callers questions; what to try before using meds. Also an "Uneducated" segment about turning your passion into your career.
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  • Going Mental Missing Miah, but joined by another wonderful person, Mark discusses ADHD diagnosis with Therapist Christy Kane. Trends in therapy, finding normal, bricks in a wall and something about tattoos and Ha
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  • Any Fool Can Find Disease Dr Bill Powell D.O. joins Mark and Miah for a look at ADHD, Executive Function, and Diet through Osteopathic Family Practitioners Eyes; and why not talk about gas as well?
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  • The Handcuffs It wouldn't be like Mark and Miah to not eventually do a show about handcuffs; so the real question is, who's blindfolded and handcuffed? Also, 4 types of people are discussed, what type are you? Th
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  • The Placebo Hosts Mark Patey and Jeremiah Johnson try to be serious, and fail; yet somehow they manage to relate rusty tools to life and ADHD. A caller from Africa requests help with ADD and ADHD within a cultur
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  • Surge in ADHD Drug Use Getting high with ADD ADHD medications, Searching for a possible suicide, and what the British Medical Journal has gotten so worked up over in ADD ADHD diagnosis.
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  • ADDiction and Adhd Our hosts invite Steps Recovery owner, Mike Jorgensen, onto the program to talk about ADHD and addictions. Uneducated segment... Are people lazy? Also, does Miah have a third nipple? Tune in and not
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