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Arnav Malhotra (21) & Abhishek Mahajan (21) better known as the producer/dj duo "SchizoFreakz" were formed in August 2013. Both started their musical career way before they decided to band together and have a different story to tell about how they got into the field of music.
Arnav started his music journey relatively early, when he started DJing at the age of 14 in his hometown, Nasik. Inspired by music, he then decided to try his hand at producing the following year. Honning both of his skills in years to come, he established himself as the leading EDM DJ playing at almost all sort of parties in his hometown and couple of gigs in the neighboring cities. Also being the only DJ from his hometown to also produce music, he released some of his tracks under the name "Midnight Shadow".
Unlike Arnav, Abhishek was never actually a part of any music scene up untill he heard some EDM genre songs through a friend. Moved and inspired, he always wanted to know the production side of EDM while enjoying the songs. With zero knowledge whatsoever about music theory or production, He started playing with the production software. Which resulted, over a period of time, in teaching himself all the knowlege necessary, through various internet forums and tutorials for music production. With some luck given his background he released some of his compositions under the name "FOOL'S PARTY".
Noticing Abhishek's talent and dedication towards music, his common friend with Arnav (Mihir Kulkarni) introduced him with Arnav in the view that he would get some music production guidance from the latter. This resulted in both of them working on a collaboration track as separate artists which inturn would then later turn out to be one of the key factors in both deciding to form "SchizoFreakz". Using each others knowledge, expertise and ideas of the music field into their production, they were able to create compositions of the whole new level than what they did as solo artists. Both having a massive facination specifically around the Big Room House genre in EDM, their production styles now were more oriented and specifically polished in a certain direction. Having working their way up the ladder in level and quality of their composition they have realeased a couple of their tracks as free download and now currently are in talks with labels overseas to release their new music. Their expertise in their production has also resulted in them making Official Anthems for Music festivals and giving music to videos of various Official Aftermovies of events.
While producing music on almost daily basis, they eventually decided to also DJ together. The common friend who introduced both of them to each other (Mihir Kulkarni) would later turn out to be their manager. Being the only EDM producer/dj duo from their hometown, their parties were a total hit, with shows coming from everywhere. They have performed at tons of private parties and events throughout their hometown and neighbouring cities like Pune & Mumbai. To mention a couple of their outstanding performances, they headlined the "Electro Dance Mania Festival" which was held in early December 2013, played a college gig held at "Loni Medical College" which was also a total hit, private pool party at a farmhouse in Panvel, private party at Hotel Sea Princess in Juhu, college reunion party at Hotel Jupiter.
Now, having being gained the level of experiance from past live performances, SchizoFreakz plan their sets in such a way that they always get the best out of any crowd in front of them. The SchizoFreakz sets makes you travel through music and can be described as writing or reading a story of its own as they progress, with each part of the set being equally important. These "Dance Therapy Sessions", as people widely know their performances as ,consist of mainstream progressive beats with melodic trance elements being mixed with some classic pumping big room drops.
What future beholds cannot be predicted, as for SchizoFreakz their aim is to not stop here but to get to the top and plot themselves on the Global map of EDM showcasing their passion and pure love for music and sharing it with as many people possible with more wider and global audience, continue improving their sounds and share their joy of rageing live with their fans through as many parties as possible!!

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