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  • Break FREE & Take Control
    Break FREE & Take Control Dave Wood talks about how to break free from the naysayers and distractions that stand in the way of your financial freedom by making your desires clear, unlocking your unconscious and taking action. You are endlessly more powerful than you already know.
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  • Speak Life into the World
    Speak Life into the World Anything you want to accomplish or reach in your life, you can do it, if you only understand how your brain works. Then you will start talking life into the world. David Wood explains you magnificently how to exactly do it.
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  • We have a Vision, not a goal
    We have a Vision, not a goal In 2013, Empower Network is going to create 30 millionaires. Listen to this audio, learn how, and join us, because you could be among this badass team~
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  • 2013 Inspiration
    2013 Inspiration David Sharpe shares the inspiring story about how Empower Network began, and how it became the successful bomb that it is today, despite all the obstacles that were found along the way. For anyone looking to start their own business, Empower Network is the company to choose. Why? Because here, they will find 100% support by successful individuals who have overcome any obstacle in life, and who will alway take a stand for their greatness... and because they will surrounded by people who will never give up on them, will never give up on the company, and who will never give up... Period.
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  • Most Important Audio Ever
    Most Important Audio Ever This is the most important audio you'll ever listen to in your entire life. Trust me.
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