The Law Of One Book II THE RA MATERIAL By Ra, Anjali
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The Law Of One Book II THE RA MATERIAL By Ra, read by Anjali

In Book Two of The Law of One, the nature of each of the densities or dimensions of this octave of creation is explored in detail with special emphasis given to how evolution for our third density to the fourth density is accomplished. The relationship between the densities of creation and the energy centers of the body is investigated so that each experience can be used as catalyst for growth to balance and crystallize the energy centers of chakras of the student of evolution. Wanderers, sexual energy transfers, the physics of Dewey B. Larson, Polarization in consciousness, ritual magic, and the nature and function of the Higher Self are all explored as they are related to the Law of One. Book Two contains Sessions #27 through #50.

review by Patrick Curren VINE VOICE on February 7, 2010

This is another channeling book. It is the second of four volumes. The entity being channeled is "Ra" of the sixth density of consciousness with the peoples of Earth being third density. Ra's intent is to communicate "THE LAW OF ONE" while not violating the distorted "Law of Confusion" or what we term free will. Because of Ra and his sixth density's associate's attempts to communicate their message of "The Law of One" as physical entities, the peoples of Egypt at that time distorted the message and considered Ra a God. I could find very little to disagree with in terms of any distorted messages being channeled thru Carla Ruechert. In fact the Ra Material seems to make the Edgar Cayce Material and the Seth Material appear distorted. Like the previous book the entire book is configured in a question/answer format. For a flavor of the book, below are excerpts in the form of a typical dialogue:

"QUESTIONER: This motion picture (The Ninth Configuration) brought about the point about which we have been talking. The Colonel had to make a decision. I was wondering about his polarization. He could have knuckled under, you might say, to the negative forces, but he chose to defend his friend instead. Is it possible for you to estimate which is more positively polarizing: to defend the positively oriented entity, or allow suppression by the negatively oriented entities?

"RA: I am Ra. This question takes in the scope of fourth-density as well as your own and its answer may best be seen by the action of the entity called Jehoshuah, which you call Jesus. This entity was to be defended by its friends. The entity reminded its friends to put away the sword. This entity then delivered itself to be put to the physical death. The impulse to protect the loved other-self is one which persists through the fourth-density, a density abounding in compassion. More than this we cannot and need not say."

Yet another important dialog as follows:

"QUESTIONER: Would you define karma?

"RA: I am Ra. Our understanding of karma is that which may be called inertia. Those actions which are put into motion will continue using the ways of balancing until such time as the controlling or higher principle which may liken unto your braking or stopping is invoked. This stoppage of the inertia of action may be called forgiveness. These two concepts are inseparable."

Then the dialog on birth defects as follows:

"QUESTIONER: What part does what we call birth defects play in this process (process being pre-birth life selection).

"RA: I am Ra. This is a portion of the programming of the mind/body/spirit complex totality manifested in the mind/body/spirit of third-density. These defects are planned as limitations which are part of the experience intended by the entity's totality complex (Higher Self). This includes genetic predispositions, as you may call them."

The question/answer dialog continues with fantastic information like:
- Our planet started transitioning into the fourth density in the year 1926 and universally takes between 100 to 700 of our years to completely transition.
- We choose our life experiences or lessons before birth. If we fail to learn them, they will rise again giving us the opportunity to learn it again and again until we choose correctly.
- The evolution of the soul as explained by "Ra" matches the life between life research (using hypnotic regression) accomplished by Dr Michael Newton (his books are available on
- Black holes are the physical manifestations of "creations returning to the Creator".
- The photon particle is the basic unit of consciousness that "we" are changing as we move from third density to fourth density. Those that cannot be harvested for fourth density will experience "discomfort" and cannot yet exist or tolerate the fourth density.
- Anger is the cause of cancer. Anger being uncontrolled energy is the cause of rapid uncontrolled cell growth. Entities who choose the experience of anger have forgotten who God is.

While the first book was easy to read and hard to put down; this one was more difficult to read yet strangely shorter (only 133 pages). I think what made this book more difficult is that the concepts were much more complex like covering the entity color crystallizations and the many combinations thereof. This forced me to stop reading and let the material sink into my consciousness.

"I leave you in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth, therefore rejoicing in the power and the peace of the One Creator. Adonai."

(no money is made from this, for education only)

Licence : CC BY-NC-SA 3.0