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'''Jonas Mungungu''' (born 24 January 1993), known by his stage name as '''Boet''', is a [[List of Namibians|Namibian]] multi-award winning [[musician]]. He is one of the most outstanding artists in Namibia and is considered one of the Best of [[Kwaito|Namibia's kwaito]] [[genre]]. His debut album ''[[Unexpected Arrival]]'', released in 2014, was Namibia's first Best kwaito album. It was critically acclaimed and went on to be widely hailed as a classic in the Namibian kwaito genre. Boet was part of the group [[Skulvets]], which released a Mixtape album in 2007.

His music is enjoyed internationally, in countries such as South Africa, [[Botswana]], [[Angola]], [[Zambia]] and [[Zimbabwe]]. Boet has performed in Angola, Zambia and [[South Africa]]. He is a common household name on Africa's number one music channel, [[Whataguan Nbc Tv]], where he did'not earn an awards yet. Mungungu is the owner of [[Certified Emtertainment]] [[record label]], and [[Certified Clothings]]. He is one of the highest selling musicians in Namibia. == Early life == Mungungu began his formal education at Oshakati Primary School situated in [[Oshakati Constituency|Oshakati]], a town in northern part of namibia [[Oshana region]], where he has been living since he was born. Mungungu is the youngest child of ten siblings.

His aspiration as a child was to become a [[lawyer]] while music remained a dormant passion. In 2013, he moved to [[Windhoek|Windhoek City]] After graduating from high school, Mungungu chose to study for a [[legal study]] [[academic degree|degree]] at the [[triumphant college]]. He left the colledge after one academic year to pursue a career in music.[http://www.certifiedline.com Boet's biography at www.certifiedline.com]

=== Rise to fame ===

Boet used to perform at school concerts in his high-school years. When he was in grade nine, he and long-time friend Nghipundjwa Theophelus, now known as Spazlo, created a kwaito dancing group called Skulvets. Before pursuing a career in music, he was a backup artist, a dancer and he also opened shows for his famous [[Blacksheep]] and well-known friend [[chakalas]]. Mungungu also opened concerts for well known South African artists, including [[Zola]], [[Malaika (group)|Malaika]], Msawawa, [[Mandoza]], Brown Dash and Ishmael among others. He rose to fame following the release of his hit single "HARD WORK ft satlam, neslow and omsaane niihana", a kwaito inspirational song produced by [[Young T (producer)|young T]] in 2013.

"Hard Work" opened doors for Mungungu's career. The song was very popular and earned him comparison to South African [[kwaito]] star [[Brickz]] due to the roughness in his voice, which was compared to that of Brickz. His voice was also compared to American [[rapper]] [[Wiz Khalifa (rapper)|Khalifa]], who is also known as '''Taylor Gang''. The success of "Hard Work" propelled Boet to enter the award for Non aalbum single of the Year and Best Kwaito song at the 2014 [[Namiban Annual Music Awards]].[http://www.certifiedline.com Boet's Awarads at www.certifiedline.com] He then in 2013 founded [[Certified Entertainment]], which gained popularity in 2014 after his first album.

===''Keep It Certified''===

In 2013 Boet continue to enjoy success with his music career, he performed in [[Angola]] in the beginning of the year and had various tours around Namibia with his Certified crew. Despite the success of his first album ''[[Unexpected Arrival]]'', he was highly criticized of selling out. The entire album was self-produced under the mentor guidance of Greg, with only two songs produced by Young T. The first single from the album, "Hard Work", was produceded by Young T. It features ombanya, Rockaz, Iyaloo artists [[Satlam, Neslow & Omsaane Niihana]]. The song became a popular hit across Namibia's borders, winning an award at the 2013 energy100fm kwaito top ten for the category Best Kwatito Song. It also won Song of the Year and Best Single at the 2014 Namibian Annual Music Awards, The album became very successful, winning Boet his second award for Artist of the Month at base fm in 2014. Another popular song was "Stuck on you", produced by Greg, and featuring most anticipated female rapper at the time [[Laquida]].

Boet was a very popular club hit. Another popular song "Kaana". The success of the album made it possible for BOet to win the People's Choice Award at the same awards. The video for "Stand Up" was nominated by Yo Music Video Countdown Music in 2013.

== Producer role ==

''also see [[Boet_discography#Production_discography|Boet production discography]]'' Besides being a musician Boet is also an active [[Record Producer|music producer]]. He has produced hits for several famous [[Music of Namibia|Namibian artists]]. He started producing music in 2010 under the guidance of his mentor [[Greg (producer)|Greg]]. He has so far shared production credits with Greg, [[Young T]] and Dj Ndexland. He has produced and served as [[executive producer]] on all albums released under [[Certified Records]]. Additionally he has produced hits for non-Certified artists, including [[Trapstar (rapper)|Trapstar]], [[Amazonkies]], Mahai, [[Yashe]] and Pax Boy. Boet served as the main producer on all of his solo album since the 2014 release ''[[Unexpected Arrival]]''.

"I've tried a few different things, like mixing some house and rave beats with traditional kwaito beats. I'm working on establishing my own unique blend of music," says Boet in an interview with Certified Films, October 2014. Through his production career he has collaborated with [[Greg (producer)|Greg]] and Young T, the only two producers to have shared production credit with Boet.

== Discography ==

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=== Solo album ===

* ''[[Unexpected Arrival]]'' - ''(2014)'', Certified Entertainment

=== Other albums ===

* not yet out.

== References ==

== External links == *http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOVAyZEipc0IoA7SA7wS-VA *Facebook/BoetMashab *Twitter/ BoetCertifiedNamibia [http://www.certified.com certified Official website

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