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  • What Your Eyes Reveal (Judges 14:1-9)
    What Your Eyes Reveal (Judges 14:1-9) Follow the focus of your eyes, and you'll find the desire of your heart. We explore some portions of the life of Samson to find what we can learn about the eyes and their desires.
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  • Whenever You Fast (Matthew 6:16-18)
    Whenever You Fast (Matthew 6:16-18) FASTING may be one of the most neglected Biblical topics in many Christian circles. But Jesus mentions it right along with giving and prayer...and uses the expression "whenever you fast," assuming that His followers would. We examine 3 types of fasting mentioned in the Bible, compare group and individual fasts, and discuss 4 purposes for fasting.
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  • Paul's Thanksgiving List (Philippians 1:3-7)
    Paul's Thanksgiving List (Philippians 1:3-7) If Paul was with your family as everyone told what they're thankful for, what would he say? We consult this fellow Christian for the types of items that should be near the top of our Thanksgiving Lists...
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  • The Sins of the Fathers, The Sins of the Sons (Ezekiel 18)
    The Sins of the Fathers, The Sins of the Sons (Ezekiel 18) This is not a comfortable sermon. It may challenge you and bring to surface some painful resentments...or frustrations...in either your parents or your children. But we need to process these resentments and seek healing. We use 2 scenarios in Ezekiel 18 to explore the effects of sin and shortcomings intergenerationallly...looking at accountability, guilt, consequences, forgiveness, prayer, and hope.
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  • Faith Challenge: A God of Genocide?
    Faith Challenge: A God of Genocide? Modern skeptics label Israel's Conquest of Canaan as a "genocide" or "ethnic cleansing." We go deeper into these claims, the nature of the 7 Canaanite nations, the purpose of the promised land, and other important considerations related to the justice and purpose of God.
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  • The Training of the Conscience" (Hebrews 5:12-14)
    The Training of the Conscience" (Hebrews 5:12-14) We test the hypothesis "Always let your conscience be your guide" biblically. And as we look at the concept of CONSCIENCE (used 29 times in the New Testament), we will see some value to the conscience even of a non-Christian. But we will also notice some limitations. The greater question for us is how will the conscience change over time? When you feel guilty, you can react in one of 2 ways: change the behavior...or change the conscience. The Bible discusses both and presents the need for a Christian conscience to be trained by the Spirit.
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  • When Caesar and God Disagree (Acts 5:17-29)
    When Caesar and God Disagree (Acts 5:17-29) "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." Submitting to government is a biblical principle. We are to know the laws that govern us and do our best to abide by them. And often God and government agree. But what about when they don't? We look at 2 scenarios for the Christian to consider: (1) When government standards don't go far enough...(2) When government mandates go too far. When the will of God and the will of Caesar are in conflict, how do Christians respond? We explore.
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  • Deliberate Sin (Hebrews 10:26-39)
    Deliberate Sin (Hebrews 10:26-39) Hebrews 10 has a Warning Sandwich: Hopeful Exhortation (10:19-25), STRONG WARNING (10:26-31), Hopeful Exhortation (10:32-39). And the strong warning is actually addressed to those who have become followers of Christ...but have turned back to ongoing, willful (deliberate) sin. And this deliberate sin is conveyed through 3 vivid expressions: Wiping your feet off on Jesus, treating His precious blood as common, and insulting the Spirit of grace. We discuss these vivid pictures and what the rest of the text tells us about how to faithfully endure in the light of Christ.
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  • The Spoils of Victory (Ephesians 1:7-18)
    The Spoils of Victory (Ephesians 1:7-18) We are rich! That's the message to Christians in the opening chapters of Ephesians...where the word RICHES occurs 5 times. But its use takes us away from the bank account and material assets and into the realm of the household of God. It's an expression of our inheritance as the adopted children of God. And the monetary language permeates the pages of Ephesians with terms like GLORY, GRACE, INHERITANCE, and REDEMPTION - all of which have something to do with the value of the Christian life. We dive into Ephesians to explore this rich theme...
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  • When Standards Are Slandered (1 Peter 4:1-11)
    When Standards Are Slandered (1 Peter 4:1-11) The labeling or slandering of the followers of Jesus is nothing new. The early Christians were accused of cannibalism, incest, and (strangely) "atheism"...since they didn't go along with the popular religion of the state. The labels in today's Western Culture may include UNEDUCATED, HYPOCRITE, or BIGOT. Some of those labels come from genuine experience with those who claim to represent Christ but fail to accurately and lovingly represent Him. But some of the labeling also comes from the fact that counter-culture will always be offensive to popular culture. 1 Peter 4 is a great text for Christians of all generations. The beginning of the chapter says that we will be maligned (reviled or slandered) when we do not run in the same direction of popular culture. And the rest of the chapter tells us how to respond. And the answer does not come in fighting evil with evil or insult with insult...but in overcoming evil with good...through an increase in PRAYER (4:7), in LOVE (4:8), in HOSPITALITY (4:9), and in the proper use of our grace-supplied-gifts (4:10-11). This is the counter-attack plan. Keep speaking and living truth in love. And overwhelm the world with positives to associate with the name of Jesus.
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