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  • 140928_001
    140928_001 Unedited EchoVox session captured in our house on 28 Sept 2014.
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  • 121126EVP This is an EVP session in our house from 26 Nov, 2012. When doing this we were both sitting in our recliners asking questions. As you listen you'll hear all kinds of everyday sounds such as dishes clanking, doors opening/closing coins clinking and so forth. I didn't catch any of this when I originally reviewed it however since converting it to a .wav file and running noise reduction while reviewing with Audacity I was able to catch all these sounds. Does this qualify as 'residual' sounds?
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  • Complete USS Lexingotn session I converted this to a .wav ran noise reduction and re-saved as .mp3. Has a bit better quality. Notice how calm my wife is doing these sessions in the CPO Berthing area.
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  • tap-mojo-on-head Asked spirit who likes to play with our dog MoJo to tap him on the head. We can tell when spirits are around as they like to tease him, touch him and chase him through the house.
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  • not-afraid-of-you From EVP session, 07/05/2013. Wife was assuring spirits that we're not afraid of them, we hear a whispered 'right'
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  • howmanyarethereextendedAMP The same clip with the words amplified
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  • howmanyarethere As requested this is the extended version of the something-man-something-purpose EVP
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  • How Many Fingers Good result on tonight's EVP session. Asked how many fingers I was holding up, shortly after I asked you can hear the correct number. I captured the entire portion that also gives the answer to how many.
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  • Not-Judy We're not sure if this is her or not. This came across the GB right after I asked 'What's my name'.
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  • Judy Wife asking question during GB session
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