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    CATSTAR RECORDINGS RADIO SHOW 161 DOWNLOAD -> https://www111.zippyshare.com/v/brNOdwp6/file.html TRACKLIST: 01.Steve Kelley - In My House 02.Akabu feat. Linda Clifford - Ride The Storm 03.Moli, Poolclvb - Erase (Mark Lower Extended Remix) 04.Angelo Ferreri - Real Deal 05.Tensnake - Automatic feat. Fiora (Extended Mix) 06.Malikk feat. Baridi Baridi - Brave Babe 07.Oliver Schories - Molero (Original Mix) 08.Vegaminds - We See (Dub Mix) 09.DJ.A-BOR - Paper Ball In Saltwater (Chikane Sample Mix) 10.Softmal, LLшlita - Dreams (Original Mix) 11.Nyelo & Omix - Time 12.Bob Sinclar - I Feel for You (Mercer Extended Remix) 13.Luca Debonaire feat. Fabian - Proper Education (Original Mix) 14.Ray Rhodes & Christian B feat. Meiko - In Another Life (Luca Debonaire Omerta Mix) 15.Ben Delay - Something Special (Extended Mix) 16.Sean Finn, Paul Jockey - Dare Me (Qubiko Remix) 17.Gorgon City - Roped In (Extended Mix) 18.DJ.A-BOR - Outface 3000 19.Andrew Meller - Eleven 20.James Solace - Keep On (Original Mix) 21.Coqui Selection - Work It 22.Manuel De La Mare - Kriya (DJ.A-BOR Rmx) 23.Andruss, Dmitri Saidi - Everybody Dance Now 24.George Privatti, Guille Placencia - Go Girl (Original Mix) 25.Davide Mazzilli - In Da Air (original Club Mix) 26.Martin Ikin - Hooked (Extended) 27.Zesto - Your Body (Original Mix) 28.Dj.A-BOR, Abel Ramos, Sansixto - More Paper Please (DJ.A-BOR Rmx) 29.Luigi Rocca & Mescal Kids - Touch (Original Mix) CATSTAR RECORDINGS RADIO SHOW 161 Mixed & Compilation by:DJ.A-BOR НІЧНИЙ ЧЕРВОНОГРАД 4ervonograd.at.ua
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    CATSTAR RECORDINGS RADIO SHOW 160 01.Angelo Ferreri - Izinque (Alessio Cala Remix) 02.Risk Assessment feat Queen Rose - Dance With Me 03.Angelo Ferreri, Liva K, Karmina Dai feat. John John - Oh You 04.Danny Cruz - Mind Up Tonight 05.Adri Block - Unlimited Steppin 06.Discotron, HP Vince - Woo Hoo (Jackin House Mix) 07.Ramiro Moreno - Take Me On (Original Mix) 08.Touch & Go - Body Substance (Original Mix) 09.OFFAIAH - Private Show (Extended Mix) 10.The Bestseller Feat. RoelBeat, Malena - This On 11.Christopher Nox - When Tears Begin To Fall (Luca Debonaire Club Mix) 12.Luca Debonaire - Heaven Knows (Original Mix) 13.The Giver - Do It (Original Club Mix) 14.Martin Ikin feat. Malika - Ill Be (Extended Mix) 15.Camden Cox, Leftwing : Kody - Without You (Extended Mix) 16.Future Mouse - Romancin (Original Mix) 17.Aaron North - Youre Fiya (Extended Mix) 18.Darkroom Magic feat. Nicole Tyler - What Im All About (Extended Mix) 19.DJ Sign - Back & Forth (Original Mix) 20.Incognet, David Novacek - Loser Hit (Original Club Mix) 21.My Digital Enemy - Never Let Me Go (Extended Mix) 22.Popcorn Poppers, Marc Mosca - Double Tap (Original Mix) 23.Vic Yamamoto - Starlight (Original Mix) 24.Sante - Code Red (Extended Mix) 25.Sllash & Doppe - Shake Ya Ass (Original Mix) 26.Knober - Take Me Back (Original Mix)
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    CATSTAR RECORDINGS RADIO SHOW 159 TRACKLIST: 01.Dennis Cruz, Leo Wood - To Burn (feat. Leo Wood) (Extended Mix) 02.Crazibiza, House of Prayers - I Found Love In The Music (Original Mix) 03.Choices - Less Is More (Original Mix) 04.Sebb Junior - Situation 05.Kemp Thompson - Win Or Lose 06.Touch & Go - Away From You 07.Christian Vila - From The Mind 08.Jack Truant - House That Jack Built (Original Mix) 09.Fort Arkansas - The Deep End (Original Club Mix) 10.DiscoVer - Invisible (Ivan Spell Remix) 11.Luca Debonaire, The Giver - Light It Up (Original Mix) 12.Clubland - Love Strain 2020 (Crazibiza Remix) 13.Kevin McKay,Start The Party - Freed From Desire (Extended Mix) 14.Stefane - M.O.V.E. (BATEZ Remix) 15.Hoxtones, Jay Frog - Keep On (Hoxtones Mix) 16.Ashibah - Devotion (Extended Mix) 17.Out_Ctrl - You Know (Original Mix) 18.Sllash, Doppe - My Jam (Original Mix) 19.The Cook, The Thief - That Body (Original Mix) 20.Leandro Da Silva, Soultight - Jumping (Extended Mix) 21.Yolanda Be Cool, Dillon Nathaniel - Tell Me Why (Extended Mix) 22.Moreno Pezzolato, Octahvia - U Want Me Feat. Octahvia (Qubiko Remix) 23.Luigi Rocca - Heartless (Original Mix) 24.Lokee - Looking 4 Something (Original Mix) CATSTAR RECORDINGS RADIO SHOW 159 Mixed & Compilation by:Dj.A-BOR / Dj.Djyn and Friends НІЧНИЙ ЧЕРВОНОГРАД 4ervonograd.at.ua
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    CATSTAR RECORDINGS RADIO SHOW 158 CATSTAR RECORDINGS RADIO SHOW 158 01.Kolsch - Shoulder Of Giants (Original Mix) 02.Beth Yen - Know That I Love You (Rachel May Remix) 03.Block & Crown, Martina Budde - All Around The World (Original Mix) 04.Block & Crown, Martina Budde Feat. Nadja Cooper - If I Can t Have You (Original Mix) 05.Agent Stereo - L.a. 2 Chicago (Original Mix) 06.DJ Linus - Monaco Di Baviera (Original Mix) 07.Qubiko - Chicago (Original Mix) 08.Andrey Exx, Airsand - Losing My Mind (RoelBeat & Ivan Summer Remix) 09.Matt Caseli feat. Si Anne - When The World Is Running Down (Dim2Play & Techcrasher Rmx) 10.Santeli, Rich James - Call My Number (Original Club Mix) 11.Eros - In My Head (Original Club Mix) 12.Barkley - Can't Take It (Original Club Mix) 13.Yves V, Ilkay Sencan, Emie - Not So Bad (Extended Mix) 14.Croatia Squad - Wanna Be Someone (Original Club Mix) 15.Croatia Squad - Super Sensual (club Mix) 16.Matthew Anthony, Magda Halina - Wrong (Original Mix) 17.Luca Debonaire, Block & Crown - Hung Up (Original Mix) 18.Block & Crown - Da Phunk Rhymin' (Original Mix) 19.Eran Hersh - Flipped Out (Original Mix) 20.Sven Kerkhoff - Seems Like (Original Mix) 21.Tasmen - Can You (Original) 22.Tough Love - Give It Up (Extended Mix) 23.Aaron Mount - Vice City (Original Mix) 24.Tyler Coey - I See Good (Original Mix) 25.Tyler Coey - This Funk (Original Mix)
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    CATSTAR RECORDINGS RADIO SHOW 157 CATSTAR RECORDINGS RADIO SHOW 157 01.Maxim Lany - Coming (Extended Mix) 02.Yordis - Need Some Lovin (Fonzerelli 80s Mix) 03.Danny Cruz - Nothing Can Come Between Us (Original Mix) 04.Mo'Cream - Electricity 05.Andre Rizo - Save Me (Original Mix) 06.Maurid - Loving You so Good (Original Mix) 07.Simon Kidzoo - The Way I Feel Extended Mix 08.Adri Block - Get Up & Down (Original) 09.Block Crown, Dzialach - Rimini 1981 (Original) 10.Andrey Exx, Romain Pelletti & Lissat - Pump It in Stereo (Original Mix) 11.Tim Baresko & Clyde P - Another (Mercer Extended Remix) 12.Joseph Spender - If You Change (Original Club Mix) 13.Matvey Emerson - Broken (Extended Mix) 14.Andrea Lane - I Told You (Extended Mix) 15.Calippo - Nocturnal (Extended Mix) 16.Kim Kaey - The One (Billy Da Kid Remix) 17.Luca Debonaire - The Real Life (Original Mix) 18.Leventina - No Sleep (Original Club Mix) 19.Tony P., Walter Scalzone, Mr. V - The Rhythm (N-You-Up Remix) 20.Vanilla Ace, Jean Bacarreza, Blaktrash - Damn Hot! (Original Mix) 21.Hector Couto - Right on Time 22.Luigi Rocca - Bassick (Original Mix) 23.Roby Loco - Move Your Body (Original Mix) 24.Umberto Pagliaroli - I Never Miss (Original Mix) 25.No Hopes, Max Freeze, Vika Ten - Move On (Original Mix)
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    CATSTAR RECORDINGS RADIO SHOW 156 01.Disco Louis - So Good (Original Mix) 02.Mark Funk, Danny Cruz - Strawberry (Original Mix) 03.Mark Lower feat. Alexandra Prince - Feel (Original Mix) 04.T.Markakis - Move Your Body (Feel This) (Original Mix) 05.Sammy Deuce - Just One Night (Original Mix) 06.Block & Crown - Things U Do To Me (Original Mix) 07.Ken Bauer, J-Rob MD - Feels Just Right (Original Club Mix) 08.Vladislav, Pasha Snegir - No More (Original Mix) 09.Luca Debonaire, Axa - On My Own (Original Mix) 10.Popcorn Poppers - My Desire (Original Mix) 11.Sons Of Maria - Miracles (Extended Mix) 12.Stefane, Lokee - Push It (original Mix) 13.Lissat, Voltaxx - Sunglasses At Night (Shnaps & Jay Filler Remix) 14.Josh One - Contemplation (Philip Z Extended Bootleg) 15.Urbano, RM4K - Worth the Price (Luca Debonaire & Gino Caporale Remix) 16.Richard Grey, Lissat - Talk Dirty To Me (Original Mix) 17.Low Steppa - Untitled Groove (Original Mix) 18.Daniel Lera - Alien Floor (Original Mix) 19.Sharam Jey, illusionize - Want You Back (Shapeless Remix) 20.Caravaca - Time (Original Mix) 21.Luigi Rocca, Anis Hachemi - Siroco (Original Mix) 22.Vanilla Ace - Homeboy Anthem (Original Mix) 23.Raul Rojav, Sharam Jey - BOOM! (Original Mix) 24.Karuva - Behind the Speaker (Original Mix) 25.Andrae - Gimme (Bedran. Remix) 26.Davide Mazzilli - Movin Around (Original Mix) CATSTAR RECORDINGS RADIO SHOW 156 MIXED BY: DJ.A-BOR НІЧНИЙ ЧЕРВОНОГРАД www.4ervonograd.at.ua
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  • Discohouse Kingdom - Disco Funky Fever 2020 CD3
    Discohouse Kingdom - Disco Funky Fever 2020 CD3 Discohouse Kingdom - Disco Funky Fever 2020 CD3 01.Hatiras - Lucid Dreaming 02.Enrico Bsj Ferrari - You Bring Me Up (Original Mix) 03.Sebastien Leger - Kanga (Original Mix) 04.Havoc & Lawn – Give It Up feat. Jinadu (Extended Mix) 05.Patawawa - All the Time (Yuksek 1984 Remix Edit) 06.Will Fast – Heart In My Hands (E.M.C.K. Edit) 07.DJ.A-BOR - Rock Ya (Original Mix) 08.Sharam Jey – 4 Your Mind (Original Mix) 09.Block & Crown, Kegyi - Your Body (Original Mix) 10.Damae, Kraft, Jesus Luz – Outta Here (Will Fast Dub Mix) 11.Glen Horsborough - You're the One (Used Disco Remix) 12.Ferreck Dawn, Robosonic & Nikki Ambers - In My Arms (Meduza Extended Remix) 13.Rockefeller - Same Man (Extended Mix) 14.Block Crown - Swing To Our Hiphouse Part 2 (Adri Block Jackin Clubmix) 15.Block & Crown - Browsville (Hazzaro Remix)
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  • Discohouse Kingdom - Disco Funky Fever 2020 CD2
    Discohouse Kingdom - Disco Funky Fever 2020 CD2 Discohouse Kingdom - Disco Funky Fever 2020 CD2 01.Mark Helms - Rock The Disco (Original Mix) 02.Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Donatello Blackout remix) 03.Touch & Go – Flyin High (Fonzerelli Disco House Mix) 04.Analog Age - The Way (Original Mix) 05.Re-Tide - Naasty (Funkatron Remix) 06.Funkatomic - Revelation (Original Mix) 07.Phil Fuldner - Take Me (Extended Mix) 08.M-Gee Feat. Mica Paris - Bodyswerve (Club Mix) 09.Block & Crown, Alexia Nigh - Deep Into The Morning Light (Original Mix) 10.Blaze, UDAUFL, Arnold Jarvis - Make The Time (Mattei & Omich Remix) 11.Drew Feelin, Mr. V - The Night Life (Jarred Gallo Remix) 12.Duke Dumont Ft. Shaun Ross - Red Light Green Light (Extended Mix) 13.Luca Debonaire - Pump Up The Jam (Original Mix) 14.Di Saronno - Renaissance (Main Mix)
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  • Discohouse Kingdom - Disco Funky Fever 2020 CD1
    Discohouse Kingdom - Disco Funky Fever 2020 CD1 Discohouse Kingdom - Disco Funky Fever 2020 CD1 01.Advance - Take Me to The Top (Pantalon & Corrado Rizza Edit Remix) 02.David Grant - Doughball (Original Mix) 03.Enrico BSJ Ferrari - Never Be The Same (Original Mix) 04.Afterman - The Magician (JL & Afterman Remix) 05.Block & Crown, Christopher Nox - Bliss (Original Mix) 06.Sharam Jey, Dirty Vegas, Betoko - Ready Or Not (Betoko Remix) 07.Antoine Clamaran, Aqua Sin Gas - Good For Me (Original Mix) 08.Richard Grey & Lissat - Big Drop (Original Mix) 09.Nico & Adam - Heart Of Glass (Original Mix) 10.Djorda Luigia - Dirty Dolls (Damon Grey Remix) 11.OFFAIAH - Push Pull (Club Mix) 12.Marc Vedo & DJ Rae - Make Me Better (VIP Mix) 13.Scotty Boy & Lizzie Curious - Loneliness (Original Mix) 14.Hazzaro - Music Is My Life (Original Mix)
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