One man band……<br />
I am sure that, you understand what this means ( a poor home-studio with computers – cheap musical equipment and software and a crummy composer who tries to make almost everything alone).<br />
Fortunately, I invite “guest stars” (I usually mean my daughter....) to cooperate with me on the vocals. (I can’t sing).<br />
I try with my music to touch melodic lines rather than strength and power.<br />
As an unsigned digital music composer I made an album with mood, easy listening, instrumental and pop general music after …. some years of hard work.<br />
It is my point of view ,so I named it ….View.<br />
You can see the full album and DOWNLOAD FREELY any song in soundclick.com/fanis.<br />
You can DOWNLOAD FREELY the entire almum in noisetrade.com/fanisatt.<br />
You can see nice videos on my music here : http://www.greektube.org/user/fanisatt

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