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  • Nación Tierra<br /><br /> Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Spain License
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  • Nation Earth song Passport? Nationality?<br /> Oh yes, you mean the booklet<br /> With a picture of my face<br /> And a number down below<br /> <br /> Now tell me, what's your nation?<br /> Is it the flag or the song?<br /> The language? Is it the coin?<br /> Heads or tails? Is it a crown?<br /> <br /> Is it what they say in school?<br /> Is it soil? Or is it grass?<br /> Is it a river, a beach?<br /> A chalk line? Some barbed wire?<br /> <br /> Is it a tribe, a family?<br /> And is it him and not her?<br /> Is it skin or is it bone?<br /> Is it dark or is it fair?<br /> <br /> Let me tell you, listen well<br /> <br /> That nation's just in your mind<br /> That nation's just in your head<br /> Your true home is always here<br /> Your true home is me and her<br /> <br /> Hey, we are all your people<br /> One nation and one earth, yes<br /> She's round and has no edges<br /> Beautiful and generous<br /> <br /> The time is ripe<br /> The time is now<br /> The lines are gone<br /> The fences are down<br /> <br /> Let me be your nation<br /> Let me be your home<br /> And we will all walk free<br /> And we will be one people
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