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  • Opus to Focus
    Opus to Focus Classical Jazz Optronics
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  • Outside Around The Corner
    Outside Around The Corner Outside Around The Corner
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  • Hallelujah
    Hallelujah Hallelujah featuring Chime Melody. From the album Vesper on Excellence Records [cat 1036].
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  • Easter Parade Easter Parade
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  • Peck Time
    Peck Time Be-bop blues
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  • Summertime
    Summertime George Braith & Friends featuring Jasmin Song, Live from Fat Cats, 2013.
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  • Blackhole Blues
    Blackhole Blues In the beginning of 2016 we need to expand our audio spectrum. Reggie Bordeaux and I have been working on music that does just that. Here is a piece that we put together in 2008. Image credits - "Black Hole Milkyway" by Ute Kraus, Physics education group Kraus, Universität Hildesheim, Space Time Travel, (background image of the milky way: Axel Mellinger) - Gallery of Space Time Travel. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Black_Hole_Milkyway.jpg#/media/File:Black_Hole_Milkyway.jpg
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  • Two Souls in One Blues for the Sopralto Braithophone
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  • Start Eyes Back to straight ahead with the Sopralto Braithophone. Simultaneous horn play has more possibilities than half of a Braithophone (one horn). This presentation was done when I was coming out of my embryonic stage of developing this art. Today I hear counter-point, contrary motion, and ideas that I hope to reach. The tune presented, Star Eyes, recorded in 1977 reveals a one year growth of this instrument created in 1976. The accompaniment includes the same personal as the previous presentation Geobii.
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  • Geobii Sometimes I take a break from my Sopralto Braithophone playing and enjoy playing half of a Sopralto by itself, the Soprano Saxophone. The Soprano is like a sketch pad for tenor sax playing. Here on this uptempo blues, Albert Dailey a fine pianist who left us back in 1985 was one of the greatest players in the jazz improv genre. Oscar Peterson used to take his piano with him on his gigs, a very expensive undertaking. He wouldn’t let anyone play his piano, except for Albert. Originally Trane had chosen Albert to be the piano player in his group after leaving the Miles Davis Quintet. But, Albert’s wife discouraged him from leaving his home (Baltimore) to join Trane’s group in New York. After a few years they broke up and Albert became very depressed that he did not take the offer from Trane. Along with Albert on this cut, you can feel the joy of Neil Mitchell’s drumming along with the flow of Buster Williams on bass. This recording was done in the summer of 1977.
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