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  • What Made The Difference?
    What Made The Difference? Heidi Bylsma struggled in the Thin Within program for seven years before turning a corner and releasing 100 pounds in one year. This audio shares three keys that caused this change to happen.
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  • What Made The Difference?
    What Made The Difference? What made the difference and enabled me to release 100 pounds and stay a healthy weight? This audio is for Thin Within participants to support them. If you haven't experienced "success" or sustained success eating between hunger and satisfaction, maybe this will help you break out of the box!
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  • Coach-In-A-Box Vol. 1 Audio 1
    Coach-In-A-Box Vol. 1 Audio 1 Breaking Free From Dieting - My Story and 7 Reasons to Ditch Your Diet FOREVER. Heidi Bylsma shares her dieting to freedom testimony and challenges listeners to consider ditching dieting forever in exchange for the freedom of the non-diet approach. Heidi lost 100 pounds this way from 2006-2007 and has been a healthy weight ever since.
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  • Thin Within - The Scale
    Thin Within - The Scale How important is the bathroom scale to you? Does it work against you? This audio supports Thin Within participants in their non-dieting journey. Heidi Bylsma created it for http://www.godisdoinganewthing.com
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