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  • Paintings V1.1 Rough Mix/Cover Sample Tweaked....uploaded a minor updated version
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  • Paintings V1 Rough Mix/Cover Sample Sample Cover Work in Progress
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  • Holding Nothing Back - Jesus Culture Cover Snippet Song popped on my YouTube feed Decided to take my own spin If you listening to this, use headphones please I promise you'll hear more details in the way I mixed this PS - I mixed this a bit better than I expected and my voice was pretty shocked over the weekend
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  • Señorita (Snippet) Recorded loops Lined them up Decided to have a little fun with this Enjoy!!
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  • Half of My Heart - John Mayer Feat Taylor Swift Cover To this day, still probably one of my favorite John Mayer tracks Mainly because it's actually one of his most basic and simply guitar song ever lol It was really a spontaneous moment to just grab my guitar, hit record and put this together but I wanted to do something simply and just let the song play out since this is really where I feel I shine the most Used Reaper to record, edit, and master this track Used Audio Technica AT875R Shotgun mic to capture the audio Used Premiere Pro to edit and render the video Thanks for watching I'll be doing more covers this 2019
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  • Joy To The World Unspeakable Joy Cover One of my Christmas carols and one of my favorite worship leaders Chris Tomlin and his team added their chorus rendition Vocals towards the end with key change was a bit rough but due to time restraint I settled but I also know because of fatigue I probably won't be able to get a better take Final song to this Christmas cover series and I have to say I'm truly proud of what I did I hope to continue and make more music not only during the holidays for 2019 but throughout 2019 in general This is encouraging because it shows me that I have much more to grow and reach new ceilings to overcome Thanks for listening Merry Christmas!! God bless!!
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  • Mistletoe Cover By Justin Bieber Quick Christmas cover but idc about how rushed this turned out and feels Just wanted to get it out but also have some fun with it This is truly the root of my playing style and this is how I like to do my performances Me and the guitar....then the occasional shaker added lol Thanks for listening
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  • Last Christmas Cover Famously done by Wham! Had some fun with this, bit of a challenge for me but I managed to make it my own Hope you enjoy listening to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2OTnaCdkmw To watch me hilariously hit the notes which was the vocals were done which was the last thing I needed to finish the song Thanks for listening
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  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas 2nd cover of Christmas songs Did an instrumental take this time Enjoy
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  • Feliz Navidad Cover I'm gonna try and post some Christmas covers because I didn't do them last year lol I hope you enjoy this cover of Feliz Navidad
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