As Muslims, we make up a massive one-fifth of the world’s inhabitants.

If we all consciously fulfill the trust that Allah SWT has honored us with, we could make a considerable change to the future of this Muslim Ummah.

“Man has become bearer of the Divine trust, which the earth and the heavens and the mountains did not have the power to bear”

Surah Al-Ahzab (The Combined Forces) 33:72

We at iMuslim, wish to amend the consequences of our future by not repeating our mistakes in the past. Many small changes will make a big difference and by working together with everyone, we can ensure out success here and after, inshaAllah.

iMuslim was founded with a goal to help everyone to create an opportunity to be the reason for change in his or her community and ultimately seek the pleasure of Allah Jalla Wa Alaa through the spreading of love and the obtaining of knowledge and the application of it.

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