catur asrama, catur yoga, catur warna,tribuana contemplation
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Catur Asrama, four stages of life:
1. Brahmacari, learning knowledge and wisdom.
2. Grehasta, build a family, collecting wealth.
3. Wanaprasta, toward more spiritual life.
4. Sanyasin, renounced earthly matter.

Catur Yoga, four ways to achieve unity with Brahman or
the absolute:
1. Jnana Yoga, unity through knowledge and wisdom.
2. Bhakti Yoga, unity through devotion.
3. Karma Yoga, unity through selfless action.
4. Raja Yoga, unity through spiritual practice or

Catur Warna, four professional division of society:
1. Brahmana, religious matter profession.
2. Ksatrya, political and military profession.
3. Waisya, business profession.
4. Sudra, employee and physical work profession.

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