Working With You Is Killing Me
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If you find yourself getting fed up and frustrated with a colleague whose incompetence is driving you crazy, a boss who gets angry when youre not a mind reader, or an employee who habitually challenges your authority, chances are youre caught in an emotional trap in the workplace. Quit complaining and do something!P
Freeing yourself is easier than you think, and you dont have to quit or fire anyone to do it. The solution is simple: Take control of your own response. In this pragmatic and insightful guide, psychotherapist Katherine Crowley and nationally recognized business consultant Kathi Elster combine their expertise and 20 years of research to teach you how to unhook from upsetting situations and eliminate your workplace woes step by illuminating step.P
Through eye-opening quizzes, real-life case examples, and field-tested strategies, youll quickly learn how to identify and handle any relationship that holds you back on the job. With your newfound emotional skills, youll be able to:br
li Manage an ill-tempered boss before he or she explodes
li Detach from annoying coworkers whose irritating habits ruin the day
li Defend yourself from idea-pilfering rivals
li Get out of the grip of toxic relationships
li Protect your personal and professional territory from boundary busters
li Break out of the limiting roles that box you in
li Parent your difficult employees to get the results you want
li And much morep
The toughest part of any job is dealing with the people around you. Thanks to iWorking With You is Killing Mei, that just got a whole lot easier.

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