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  • Sweet Insanity
    Sweet Insanity co-written with Stephen Wrench. Lyrics: Sweet Insanity I went down to the shoreline holding this heavy heart I watched the moon rise up felt the tide pulling my life apart I heard voices laughing down stream things aren’t what they seem the clouds are rolling in this dance has got to end can you hear the music playing can you feel the bodies swaying hold me close pull me tight this time can only bend to our Sweet Insanity your love sweet insanity your love sweet insanity Your loving drives me crazy things ain’t been so smooth lately but I know they’ll be okay cause our love was meant to be this way just a little chaos the fire runs hot and wild it burns everything everything between us sweet insanity sweet insanity I pulled myself together it’s time to set things straight it took both of us to get here and here ain’t looking so damn great We’ve got to make some changes before the silence settles in just a spark and a touch of wind will bring the fire back again
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