Ka Karoon Sajni (KJY-Swami) cover by Gopi
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Movie : Swami
Year : 1977
Starring : Vikram, Shabana Azmi, Girish Karnad, Dheeraj Kumar
Original Singer : K.J. Yesudas (with my own minor variations)
Original Music Score : Rajesh Roshan
Original Lyrics by : Amit Khanna

Note :
Swami (1977) directed by Basu Chatterjee had beautiful music. I had covered Kishore's "Yaadon mein woh" on Soundew a couple of months ago.

Courtesy Wikipedia : "Ka Karoon Sajni Aye Na Baalam is a classical song of Hindustani classical music. It is a Thumri sung in the raaga, Sindh Bhairavi Thumri.[1] It was popularised by legendary Hindustani vocalist, Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Barkat Ali Khan, Bismillah Khan on shehnai, Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty etc.

The song was sung by Yesudas under the music direction of Rajesh Roshan. Yesudas was also nominated for the 1978 Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer for the song. This song was composed in raaga 'kirwani' which is a melakarta raaga but bringing the flavour of bhairavi into. Usually raaga 'kirwani' sung at night time and pictured at and on same mood. But the basic Ka karoon sajni thumri sung by Ustaad Bade Ghulaan Ali Khan sahab is composed in Bhairavi(sindh)."

I used to sing this while in Engineering college in the mid 80's regularly at get togethers so much so some of my Engineering mates used to call me "the Ka Karoon nut case":-)) It was (and still is) one of my favourite KJY Hindi. Since I do not know the Hindi language well, I was singing this w/out understanding the lyrics. Recently, I came across the translation (which I append below) & it simply swept my mind away.

kaa karuu.N sajanii, aae na baalam
what shall i do my friend,My love didn't come,
khoj rahii hai.n piyaa paradesii a.Nkhiyaa.N - 2
my eyes are searching for you stranger.
aae na baalam
My love didn't come,
jab bhii koii, aahaT hoe, manavaa moraa bhaage
when ever there is a sound of a foot step, heart races like a peacock
dekho kahii.n, TuuTe nahii.n, prem ke ye dhaage
watch it and dont let this love thread of our's break.
hai matavaarii priit hamaarii
chhupe na chhupaae - (2)
cannot hide this love of our's even if you want to. oh lunatic
saavan ho tum mai.n huu.N torii badariyaa
you are the rainy season and i am your cloud
aaye na baalam,
My love didn't come,
kaa karuu.N...

bhor bha_ii aur, saa.Njh Dhalii re, samay ne lii a.nga.Daaii
sun has set and morning has come,
ye jag saaraa, nii.nd se haaraa, mohe nii.nd na aaii
this world lost to sleep,but iam not getting any sleep
mai.n ghabaraauu.N, Dar Dar jaauu.N
i fear,i get afraid
aae vo na aae - (2)
whether he will come or not?
raadhaa bulaae kahaa.N khoe ho kanhaiyyaa
radha is calling where are you lost krishna
aae na baalam,
My love didn't come,
kaa karuu.N...

Disclaimer : This song is not intended for any commercial release and carries no commercial value whatsoever. It is a cover version for family, friends, well wishers and lovers of such music. They are posted solely out of a passion for singing them and also out of the greatest respect and highest admiration for each and everyone involved in the original compositions/ production. Anyone sharing/ distributing is doing it without my knowledge at his own will and risk and shall bear all consequences arising out of their actions.

Licence : All Rights Reserved