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Sandra Keys a musician, song writer and a movie maker.. currently works under Keys entertainment club. A lady born 6/7/1990 a Nigerian. I love music so I create musics! follow on twitter@iamsandrakeys

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  • sandra keys - sandra keys
    sandra keys - sandra keys newest reggae song sandrakeys- Sandra Keys, my song track in this 2015, its a song talking reality, sandra keys dey here, sanra keys dey there, sotee my enemies they disappear like vapor, me i know say they ma carbon paperrrr.. No make no mistake know the poor from the thief before you kill them and jail them or throw them awayyy! Yo is a song controversial song of-course i know there would be a judgement, but i would PASS! type sandra keys music on google for more easy downloads online from multiple sites
    keys 00:03:46 1.64 K 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • pour me moet
    pour me moet Boko Hara una dey show we shegea, oooo ha Allah make you teach them love, Crx. Well this song its simply titled pour me moet from me A.k.a S.k.... Sandra Keys
    keys 00:02:44 1.13 K 4 Downloads 0 Comments
  • sandra keys  life goes on
    sandra keys life goes on (Live goes on) is my first track in 2014, I just wanna rap them the truth, I Know that I forced you babe sorry I did. some times I got carried away with the co.c...e I take.
    keys 00:03:33 3 K 7 Downloads 2 Comments
  • Keys Club ft Sandra Keys
    Keys Club ft Sandra Keys for you comfort
    keys 00:04:39 3.94 K 14 Downloads 1 Comments
  • break't up More plain
    keys 00:03:32 1.99 K 9 Downloads 3 Comments
  • sandra keys rock it all peep
    keys 00:03:32 8.61 K 34 Downloads 5 Comments
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