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  • Exact Ezekiel Chapters 12-15 mp3
    Exact Ezekiel Chapters 12-15 mp3 When reviewing these chapters, it is good to think of each group much the same way as the first chapters of Revelation. Just as Jesus took to task each congregation, revealing their mind and hearts, the Lord singles out each group and pulls back their curtain (to show their confessions and concessions). All of them share the common malady of having eyes and ears that neither see nor hear because they reject the message from God.
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  • The Promise mp3
    The Promise mp3 I confessed that I knew nothing of any of this and especially the Hebrides Awakening, the Isle of Lewis, or the area of Barvas, where all this came down. Rev. Mason began citing various books I could find which "relayed the accounts" and pointed to articles by the Rev. Duncan Campbell who was greatly involved in that movement of the Spirit.
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  • Amazing Amos MP3
    Amazing Amos MP3 Solely a forerunner of prophets, he was one of the first to address the sins and transgressions of the ten tribes to the North (those who broke away from Jerusalem and their brothers, Judah and Benjamin). The ten tribes wanted their own kingdom. They wanted no more of the restraints of David or the majesty of Solomon. They wanted to ordain their own priesthood and worship in their "new" way. They despised the restrictions of the Law and sought freedom to "worship any way they pleased." They chose new gods they thought would guarantee their continued prosperity. They luxuriated in the fabric of wealth and found no boundaries for their insatiable lusts for power and glory.
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  • What does the Lord Require mp3
    What does the Lord Require mp3 O' how we need to touch base once again with God's requirements.  How easily we become overwhelmed with the preachments of men. Their books on the "Six ways to succeed in life," or "Three avenues to a better prayer life," or "the Sixteen ways to grow a modern church," or "The 168 ways to prosper now," boggle the mind and leave one grasping for a simple book of "inspirational messages," while trying to figure out where to go next. 
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  • To the Gentiles MP3
    To the Gentiles MP3 I hurry to point to a few things. This "shake the dust off your feet" was a directive given the early disciples in the teaching of Jesus. It is interesting to note that Paul only had one epistle and one Gospel available to him at the time of this event. James had written his epistle and Matthew had completed his gospel. So, other than a verbal "hand down," Paul would not have known to carry out this "ritual upon refusal" as it applied to the Gospel.
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  • Exodus 14 Broken Wheels and Mended Hearts
    Exodus 14 Broken Wheels and Mended Hearts Exodus fourteen begins with God and ends with Him. Sandwiched in between are the people of God. Within that sandwich are seven major considerations, all of which are based on one fact: the children of Israel obeyed God and did what He instructed. Strict obedience to the will of God always yields voluminous success. Since the chapter is a recount of one of the most widely known events in history, often it is read with such familiarity that most of the seven items are not apparent--being submerged in the account itself.
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  • Consolation & Comfort mp3
    Consolation & Comfort mp3 These two elements (consolation and comfort) team to fill a great need in the body of Christ today. Buffeted with daily outbursts of mistrust and deception and coupled with a barrage of misguided "words" from questionable sources, the people of God seek consolation and comfort. They seek a steady hand, a quietening word and an understanding support. So, this month's study reveals the true sources of comfort and exposes the false comfort laid before many. 
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  • Compelling Compassion MP3
    Compelling Compassion MP3 Before entering a word study on compassion, it is necessary to touch Calvary and recognize this was Jesus' greatest act of compassion for mankind. His assurance of the adjacent thief and His cry, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do," forever stand as the ultimate expression of COMPASSION.
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  • From the Obscure to the Obvious mp3
    From the Obscure to the Obvious mp3 This study actually began with a quest to know when the early church was born. Was it when they could no longer integrate into the Temple organization? Was it an upper room declaration of such phenomenal extraordinaire that they were forever thrust into existence? Was it first an obscure entity birthed in the heart and ministry of Jesus and manifested through Him as a visible fellowship between Him and His disciples? Did it begin when Jesus spoke to Peter?
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  • Without Excuse MP3
    Without Excuse MP3 Romans presents two different perspectives of the wrath of God. The first is the wrath of God upon those who are "without excuse" and how it pours out on an unredeemed world. The second passage is a great statement of faith, based on what Christ has done for us. God's people are not to be subjected to God's wrath. 
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