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  • I'm a Good Friend My Special Voice says "I'm a Good Friend" is an insightful and enjoyable little book covering the important qualities needed to have healthy relationships to help children understand how to be a good friend.
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  • I'm a Winner My Special Voice says "I'm a Winner" is an empowering book teaching children the fundamental principles for being successful in life through a wonderful collection of 10 short stories. Each story incorporates one of the 10 key principles for success.
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  • Change is Welcome My Special Voice says "Change is Welcome" is an insightful and essential little book teaching children that although change may be difficult to accept, it's a natural part of life. Children learn to welcome and embrace the changes that are out of their control... in themselves, the world, people around them and in their family.
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  • I am Healthy My Special Voice says "I am Healthy" is a fun and informative little book teaching children healthy things to eat and do in order to make good food choices and adopt healthy lifestyle habits.
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  • I am Brave My Special Voice says "I am Brave" is a wonderful little book to help children feel brave when they might feel a little scared. There are affirmations as well as a short story about a young boy called Jackson who learned to be brave when he got lost at the fair.
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  • Let your Feelings OUT My Special Voice says "Let your feelings OUT" is a delightful and imaginative little book helping children to deal with their feelings in a healthy way.
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  • I am OK My Special Voice says "I am Ok" is a delightful little book full of positive affirmations about being okay and choosing to be happy independent of our circumstances. The key message is... 'Happiness is a choice'.
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  • I am Loveable My Special Voice says I am Loveable is a light hearted little book which is full of positive affirmations to help children learn and understand that they are loveable, not for external reasons, or for what they can achieve, but because they are special just the way they are.
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