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  • Wanderlust
    Wanderlust 30+ years of travel to 60+ nations in just over 4 minutes ;-)
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  • Finally Getting a Start
    Finally Getting a Start My first grand tour, Dec 1986 - Jan 1987 during my junior year abroad at the London School of Economics
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  • Rocky Mountain Whitewater
    Rocky Mountain Whitewater This is an instrumental, inspired by Susan's and my grand tour of the American Southwest after I finished my MBA in 1994 - the "small fordable stream" (according to my guidebook) crossing a trail high above Ouray, Colorado that had become a raging torent of spring snow-melt; the roar of the Class-6 rapids at Black Canyon of the Gunnison; and whitewater rafting near Mesa Verde.
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  • On Minnesota's Lakes
    On Minnesota's Lakes Dedicated to the memory of my grandfather Alden Risser, who would happily carry the caoe or the heaviest pack well into his 70s as he led his kids, grand-klids, and countless kids from the tiny town where he practiced medicine deep into the Boundary Waters Caoe Area. My love of the great outdoors comes from him.
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  • Muang Ngoi
    Muang Ngoi The remote nation of Laos (west of Vietnam, north of Cambodia) is backpacker heaven - stunning scenery, dirt cheap, friendly locals (though no one speaks English). And if you are lucky enough to go there, it won't be long before your fellow backpackers start telling you about Muang Ngoi, a stunning highland village accessible only by riverboat.
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  • Marrakech/ My Name is Mohammad
    Marrakech/ My Name is Mohammad In Morocco most locals speak French when approaching foreigners, of if that doesn't work they try English if they speak it. So I was very surprised when a Moroccan man about 25 years old sat down next to me and started telling me his life story in perfect German. Turned out he'd spent his teenaged years as an illegal immigrant in Stuttgart - what he went through at an age when my biggest worry was pimples, just astounded me, and three years after meeting him a song came out of it.
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  • Argonauts and Ottomans
    Argonauts and Ottomans One of Susan's and my most idyllic holidays ever, sailing along Turkey's Aegean coast
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  • Springtime in Norway
    Springtime in Norway Some business trips, you just can't believe you're getting paid for this. In 1999 my first British employer (a rock quarry company) sent me up and down the fjords of Norway's West Coast for three weeks on an expense account.
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  • Party in Berlin
    Party in Berlin My week as an illegal alien - after finishing my studies in the USSR I entered East Germany on a one-day transit visa, stayed to party as the Berlin Wall was coming down, and then walked out through Checkpoint Charlie three days before they ripped it out of the ground.
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