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  • Pip the dog - Q&A How do you feel when you go to a new place? When you can't do something do you find other ways or give up? Are you able to act before you are ready?
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  • The chase Q&A Here are the questions to answer ​When have you lost something or had something stolen ​while you were distracted?​ ​What has changed your opinion about someone e.g. you thought he was okay, but then you found out he was trying to hurt you. ​When did you try to chase someone / something (either through life or physically)?
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  • Afternoon class Q&A What has been the most boring subject you've studied? ​How have you felt when you were very sleepy/tired but tried to stay awake? ​What are some of the strangest fantasies/ dreams you've had?
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  • Ventana Q&A ​In what way do you have the imagination of a child? ​What kind of activities are simple fun for you? ​Why is "work" hard for us (people)?
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  • The Sunflower Q&A Here are the questions to answer What do you see as sun, water, and soil for you to be healthy, happy and free? What are impossible things you can't do - but would like to? When do you realize where you are isn't right for you?
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  • Misadventures of an American in Moravia - In this first Episode you learn how I came to live in Moravia.
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  • Conversation questions What is a favorite recipe of yours? What has been a great success and/or failure in your cooking/baking history? When you cook do you follow the recipe or do you improvise?
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  • Comprehension question Here are the questions again: Why did she pour water into the empty muffin cups? What ingredients do you need to make this recipe? Can you describe the process of making it?
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  • Blueberry muffins: Vocabulary examples Here are the words: • to share • bowl, fork • equipment • flavor • fluffy to keep in mind
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  • Happines Q and A Questions and answers for inspiration from the animation short "Happiness"
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