My father was recently diagnosed with Mesothelioma and I
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"My father was diagnosed with mesothelioma more recently, and I would like to know what my family can do to assist him, what we should expect in the [inaudible 00:00:11] and any other tips you have. Thank you."

I think it's similar to maybe a previous question or two, but one thing that does pop in my mind that maybe we haven't spoke about is, besides getting the support and getting to a specialist, I think the other thing would be that I would focus on nutrition if I could. Because these people get nutritionally depleted so quickly, and if you can keep their nutritional status up, their weight up, I think that its 20, 35% of just kind of staying healthy.

Again, I would get to a specialist, I would get support from my family, I would get myself a team. It doesn't have to be a team of surgeons, your family can be the team. Who's gonna take them for rides to the hospital the doctor's and just try to ... who's gonna make life easier for them? I think that's what I would say, what about you, Ellie?

Yeah, I agree. And I think, also, one thing that we talk about sometimes, too, it's like getting a notebook together and kinda keeping records of" OK, yep, in September he was diagnosed. October, we started chemo." It's interesting to look back to, and you can refer to them as the journey goes on.

It gets very confusing when you go to multiple doctors, multiple ... and everyone ... and multiple, you have your primary care physician, you have your mesothelioma team, you have your oncologist, you have everybody. And it just gets confusing for everyone, so I would almost get a spiral notebook and put everything in it and just kinda pile it away. And it will help all of you more than anything now and look back and also to refer to it to see if-

I think that's a great idea, and I just thought of one more thing. Because sometimes when somebody gets sick, whether they have surgery or chemo and you have the patient in center and then you have all the family members around them. And the phone is ringing constantly because [inaudible 00:02:24] wondering how so and so is doing.

They have a website called where you can just kinda give daily updates. So, people can log on see how the person is doing, and sometimes you can just designate one person to write on the website, like, "Got their second round of chemo today, they're hanging in there, they haven't lost any weight." It's just like little blurbs where you don't have to have a telephone constantly having to call people and update them because people really are concerned and are wishing them well.

But sometimes when you can just go on the website, put in a couple of remarks for the day, or maybe every other day, and it kinda pacifies everybody, and everybody feels like they're so in tune with what's going on.

Yeah, that's great. That's a great idea. That can really help a lot. And also, as time goes on, too, because at the beginning, like with anything, at the beginning, everyone rallyin' around, but life goes on, so after a while, you have ... people are still interested, but they have to lead their own lives, so yeah. But caringbridge really can help keep people connected and-


-as you go forward. Yeah. That's the one. So

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