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Student of systems eng. Coder/dev. Music producer and composer. ~Bewildering Impending Spiriting Away.

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  • Gorilla Warfare (Mashup)
    Gorilla Warfare (Mashup) This song is about one of the most ridiculous things I have saw on the internet. The anon who posted this in the 4chan thread claimed to be sort of a god level Navy Seal, with a long history of combat experiences, using hyperboles like "Gorilla Warfare", "prepare for the storm, maggot" and even more. Totally hilarious, I couldn't resist to make a song about this. Sooner or later it would come. Enjoy!
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  • Warped Moon (Dubstep)
    Warped Moon (Dubstep) Song inspired by the OST of 東方Project. Using the voices and sound effects of Touhou, it aims to represent the ambient of the game. Also the main riff was recorded by me, making the beat more strong. The tittle comes from a dialogue of the game when the characters realize that something went wrong with the moon. Special thanks to the amazing krew that helped me!
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  • Being Meltdown (Dubstep)
    Being Meltdown (Dubstep) Song inspired by the OST of 東方Project, created with FL Studio and video with After Effects. Combines a psychedelic style with a downtempo dubstep song rhythm. Some of the vocal samples are from Steins;Gate episode 22 and it's from there that the name comes. The purpose was to not make the typical "blender" dubstep song and try to arrange something more intelligent, progressive, strong and unique.
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  • Gensokyo (Dubstep)
    Gensokyo (Dubstep) Song inspired by the OST of 東方Project, created with FL Studio and video with After Effects CS6. It took me like 2 weeks. The name comes from 幻想郷, literally "Gensokyo" Land of Illusions or Land of Fantasy is the fictional land that the entire Touhou series takes place in.
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  • The Price of Freedom (Cover)
    The Price of Freedom (Cover) The best song of the best game. FFVII Advent Children "ファイナルファンタジーVII" Played with: Ibanez GS, Behringer VAMP 2, Alesis Guitar Link Daw: FL Studio Vst's: Guitar rig 5 +Battery 3 + Massive + Sampletank 2.x Guitar Tabs: Clean 1 http://puu.sh/DmTd Clean 2 http://puu.sh/DmTo Clean 3 http://puu.sh/DmTu Lead 1 http://puu.sh/DmTz Lead 2 http://puu.sh/DmTD Solist 1 http://puu.sh/DmTG Solist 2 http://puu.sh/DmTI http://soundcloud.com/n0v4c4n3
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  • Kyandii (Instrumental)
    Kyandii (Instrumental) My first song with Ableton long time ago. Hardware: Ibanez GS + Behringer VAMP +Alesis Guitar Link Software:OS X + Ableton live + Guitar rig 5 + Various Vst's like Impulse, Toxic II, Sample Tank, Vanguard 1.6.1 http://soundcloud.com/n0v4c4n3
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  • Choir Jail (Cover)
    Choir Jail (Cover) Cover and video by me, recorded with Guitar Rig using two different distortions joined together with Ableton live. For the video I used Sony Vegas Pro. The anime is from the creators of Final Fantasy "Square Enix" also known as "Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia" or "Tasogare Otome x Amnesia" http://soundcloud.com/n0v4c4n3
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  • Daisuki (Minimal Set)
    Daisuki (Minimal Set) This is my recorded session with Traktor Scratch Pro 2 on OS X using TouchOSC and remastered with Sony Acid Pro 7. Stuff from Avrosse, Mechanique, Tina V, Osunlade Etc. Blah blah. http://soundcloud.com/n0v4c4n3
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  • Green Day - Holiday (Cover)
    Green Day - Holiday (Cover) Lead guitar of the song "holiday" played by me. Starting at 00:14 Recorded live with Guitar Rig 5 Pro and an Alesis Link. Page 1 http://puu.sh/DlIz<br /> Page 2 http://puu.sh/DlIC<br /> Page 3 http://puu.sh/DlIH<br /> Page 4 http://puu.sh/DlIJ<br /> Page 5 http://puu.sh/DlIM<br /> http://soundcloud.com/n0v4c4n3
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  • Powder Of Tears (Chillstep)
    Powder Of Tears (Chillstep) This song was on my mind and one day I made it with Ableton Live, I tried to be original and unique with this song, the beat "flows" slowly according to the backings and that's was for sure the hardest part. The genre is Chillstep, for the people that doesn't know it yet, It's a mix of a Dubstep beat with the ambient effect or relaxed essence of a Chillout song. I think that is finally done, it took me about 2 weeks to finish it and I'm proud of it. Image: http://puu.sh/1neN1 Album Art: http://puu.sh/1neXW http://soundcloud.com/n0v4c4n3
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