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  • Silence This particular poem is pretty self-explanatory. I chose to include it in this post for you all to judge how I'd react in response to a fight with my best friend at the time. I'm real normal, I know.
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  • Why did she tell me? I think it's important for me to point out that I can't always explain the meanings behind my poetry. The fact that I am putting myself out there with this publication is already hard for me to do, but mentally therapeutic in its own way. I recently said in an interview for Pop Fiber that it is important to leave out assumptions when listening to spoken word poetry. This is particularly important when listening to this poem.
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  • The Rewrite My bag was stolen out of my car last year and two things that meant the world to me were taken. My laptop with all of the work I've ever done, and my Bob Marley notebook, which contained all of the poetry I've written down. In that notebook there was a poem about the manifestations of love. The ways in which it has been presented to me. This is what love sounds like to me.
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