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Favouritism is only another way of being criticised as the best. But failure is uplifting and encouragement in being the best. #Hip To Be. Age 19 the young and talented artist is flourishing a whole new sound of music. The rapper Hip To Be is simply a wonderful rapper from poor begginings. And humbly an official-player of the game called 'Hard knock life'. Described in this breathtaking combination of music. He begins his journey into Rap City and proclaims himself as a leader of the people in the city. No better than himself and his conditions....living in the same lifestyle. Hip To Be captures the lifestyle of the city and the chills of poverty. As well as the experience of becoming an inspiration to others. Rap City is a place for everybody suffering from any for of pain and sickness influxes with the corporate life. You have to first learn and than become richly encouraged to change the world. Welcome to Rap City Delux Edition ladies and gentleman.

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  • Selling out
    Selling out The industry will get you and stalk you like prey. For your moral conduct as an artist and individual. The devil loves easy targets and he feeds on those that seek easy fame....though the price being your soul whilst soul searching, walking down the street. #Conscious song
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  • Outro - HHP, Khuli.Chana, Towdeemac
    Outro - HHP, Khuli.Chana, Towdeemac The final.chapter of the trap that is Rap City comes to a conclusion and closes the doors on the mixtape. With the remake of the original song Mask om. Thank you very
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