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I am a graduated writer, with more than 4 years of experience in essay writing, editing,composing and others, working in instanovelist for the last 3 years.
I like to spend my time in the park, with a penсil and notebook in my hands and creating new story or idea for my book (yeah, I want to publish my own book). For me, ideal day starts with a cup of tea and 3-4 pages of new interesting book.

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  • Halftime Amy Winehouse-Halftime
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  • Bonus Track Super Bowl halftime shows
    Bonus Track Super Bowl halftime shows Super Bowl halftime shows started as low-key affairs with marching bands but have evolved to huge spectacles with music superstars. This year's show features Coldplay and Beyonce. Nate Scott of USA TODAY's For The Win joins Dad Rock hosts Patrick Foster and Jim Lenahan to discuss great moments in Super Bowl halftimes and who should play at future games. Check out For The Win at ftw.usatoday.com Dad Rock is a music podcast from USA TODAY. Please subscribe on iTunes. You can also stream or download the show on SoundCloud, Stitcher or TuneIn. Please tell your friends about Dad Rock and rate/review the show on iTunes. Learn more about Dad Rock at dadrock.usatoday.com Follow Dad Rock on Twitter @DadRockShow Like Dad Rock on Facebook at facebook.com/dadrockshow Email Patrick & Jim at dadrock@usatoday.com Leave a message on the Dad Rock Hotline: 571-424-1984 Listen to playlists of songs from Dad Rock on Spotify: Search "Dad Rock Show"
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  • Vlado Georgiev - Daljina (Daljina 2013)
    Vlado Georgiev - Daljina (Daljina 2013) Sva prava zadrzava Vlado Georgiev.
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