When Life Gives You Lemons
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Back when we were kids man those were the days,<br />
We never had any dirt yet on the ground we played,<br />
And in the sand we made our hopes and dreams and prayed,<br />
for the strength to rise someday and be like Shady 'Not Afraid'.<br />
Like aint fair she aint ever been though,<br />
Pushed in mud and told go ahead and try to grow,<br />
Put up on a stage, your pain is now a tell and show,<br />
Hoping for a hand, something you may never get to know.<br />
Now you're struggling to survive, for your kid you must strive,<br />
For a new and better life, so you look up to the sky,<br />
and you're asking God why did this happen to my life <br />
After I complied yet an answer is denied.<br />
But don't get down pretty girl, keep your smile staying bright and your eyes always dried<br />
Cuz at the end of the day and at the peak of the night, all the stars wish upon you cuz they dream to have your light.<br />
<br />
Chorus<br />
<br />
Now looking back on the past, you may have had it all<br />
Except you never realized how easy it is to fall.<br />
To hit a brick wall, Yet never see it coming,<br />
Pennies to your pocket but aint no sense in runnin.<br />
Always sense in shunning those who brought you down,<br />
They have proven their worth by never being around<br />
And real trust is covered in dust so its now you must<br />
Brush your shoulders off and break away all the rust.<br />
Get back to your level, the one we knew before,<br />
Confidence so high, show us once more.<br />
Light up all the rooms with nothing but a smile<br />
I know you got it in your come on push the extra mile.<br />
Dont fret about the problems, Let them come tomorrow<br />
In pursuit of happiness you shove off the sorrow.<br />
Chase what you love and never regret,<br />
So with the sun shining now make a name we cant forget.<br />
<br />
Chorus<br />
<br />
I can see it now, a beautiful battle,<br />
As she reaches down and controls something that'll<br />
Determine not the outcome but only her joy<br />
And its only going up cuz all she needs is her boy<br />
And shes got him by her side and hes learning from the champ<br />
That slick can be the slope but not if you build the ramp<br />
So do all that you can and keep your head up<br />
Cuz when life gives you Lemons, full is your cup.

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