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  • Rage Quit 04
    Rage Quit 04 The Rage Quitters are once again joined by Alan, Val, Frankie, and several others to discuss the fun of friendly fire, Frankie's 1997 rage quit, and an extremely premature online gaming modem for the SNES. Alan profiles the new Pokemon games, the group discusses Mario's unoriginality, the short lived Sega Dreamcast, frustrating platform gaming, even MORE Guild War talk, and the upcoming Walking Dead game.
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  • Rage Quit 03
    Rage Quit 03 "20 weeks into the endeavor," the Rage Quitters invite Frankie to discuss the new Scribblenauts and interactive game theory. Aaron and Mike talk about Aaron's uncle's personal rage quit, and Jon reveals that he has an absurd SNES collection. Aaron lists IGN's top 10 best and worst games of all time.
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  • Rage Quit 02
    Rage Quit 02 Frankie joins the Rage Quitters to discuss South Park games, old and new and MMORPG addiction. Jon claims he's going to quit Guild Wars 2 but immediately plays it after the recording. Aaron reviews WiiU launch titles.
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  • Rage Quit 01
    Rage Quit 01 The inaugural episode of Rage Quit. Aaron is joined by guests Val Borges and Alan Desmarais, and with the Rage Quitters, discuss the nude models of Elder Scrolls, the sexy fanfare of Dragon Age, Starcraft, Diablo 3, Torchlight, and much more.
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