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    Refundly Located in Grandville, Michigan, our company prides itself with the creation of Refundly, an incredibly useful tool that helps online sellers retrieve all of the money that Amazon owes them due to inventory management errors. Gone are the days when you’ll need to manually scour your history; the software does that for you! It automatically identifies inconsistencies, sends you detailed summaries of money owed, and then assists you in the refund process. And in case you’re wondering how much Refundly costs, you can rest easy. The software only charges you 12% of the money you retrieve. If you do not get a refund, then our company does not get paid. It should be as simple as that. Are you an online seller, too? Try out the software by visiting Refundly 2885 Sanford Ave SW #24351, Grandville, MI 49418 616-818-9702
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