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  • Xenonauts Review - Spoken Word The game of Xenonauts got its start as game that was going to reimagine the amazing strategy game known as X-Com. Xenonauts, however, has decided to dive deep into the details within this type of game. From individual inventories with a grid system to a line of sight cover system with destructible environments, every area is given an additional layer of depth not really seen in the X-Com series. The result is a greatly engaging, indie variation of an alien invasion that stands toe to toe with XCOM, both the reboots and the classic game itself. Read the rest of the review at http://www.poweronpub.com/xenonauts-review/
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  • Pet Rescue Saga - Spoken Word Pet Rescue Saga is made by the same guys who made Candy Crush Saga, so its safe to say that its a pretty popular game. Like Candy Crush, it is based on cascading blocks instead of swapping items. The game begins deceptively easy, but becomes astonishingly complicated, particularly for such a casual game. Read the full review at http://www.poweronpub.com/pet-rescue-saga-review/
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  • MouseCraft Review - Spoken Word MouseCraft is a light narrative about a mad scientist cat named Schrodinger who’s in continuous demand of cheese to fuel his mouse-centric experiments. This is mainly only window dressing to warrant the puzzles and tricks with a mad scientist theme of the game. Happily, the puzzles are powerful enough to make the game enjoyable without much help from the story. Read the full review at http://www.poweronpub.com/mousecraft-review/
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