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  • ZeppeliFunk A little Funk anyone?
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  • Afghanistanimation A recreation of a song by an Afghani band that has influences from Western Contemporary Music. The band is Movement In Threes, they are very talented and worth checking out.
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  • IDKYETS A song, for class yo
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  • AU101 Project 5 Mix Just a mix I did for AU101. Looking for some criticism.
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  • Black Dog (Shortened) AU101 Project 4. Take a song that is over 3 minutes long and shorten it to between a minute and a minute and a half.
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  • Indigenous Alien Music This song is indigenous to an extremely developed, populated, planet. The instruments of their age consist of strictly stringed instruments due to a very harsh communist-like government. These terrestrials have a very complicated sense of rhythm and consonance. Little does their government know, the songs symbolize rebellion and the destruction of the current government officials. This song in particular tells a story of a distant hero who searched and searched and searched for answers but was struck down. Still the hero rose and tried again and was once again stricken down. The hero engaged the his fellow beings in a mass rebellion and overtook the tyranny in a single blow (sweet release harmonic). This story, of course, is about a long time ago and the times have changed again to times of tyranny and control, but the resolution will come again.
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  • Ambience Guitar Was playing around with some delay and decided to record myself doing random things on the guitar. this is the result
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  • Birdland Music Ad My first AU101 project
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