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  • Pink Day in LA Meeting, 13SEP2015
    Pink Day in LA Meeting, 13SEP2015 Pink Day in LA Volunteer Meeting Google Doc Available Here
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  • PDLA 16AUG2015 Meeting 02
    PDLA 16AUG2015 Meeting 02 First Pink Day in LA Volunteer Meeting, Part 2 August 16, 2015
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  • PDLA 16AUG2015 Meeting 01
    PDLA 16AUG2015 Meeting 01 First Pink Day in LA Volunteer Meeting, Part 1 August 16, 2015
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  • Interview with Sierra 22JUN2015 Interview with Sierra from 22JUN2015
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  • Dean TS3 Interview for Staff Admin 12JUN2015 Interview for DH TS3 Staff Admin with Dean.
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  • Colneth Interview for TS3 Interviewing Colneth for TS3 Mod. June 7, 2015
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  • WvW Meeting 29MAY2015
    WvW Meeting 29MAY2015 -=WvW RESET SERVER MEETING=- Date: 29MAY2015 Time: 23:30 Server Time* Location: DHTS.TK:1337 ( Server Reset Planning here: *NOTE: The first half an hour will be for guild leaders/commanders -=General Announcements=- § We bid a heartfelt farewell to Virtues of the Goat [VoG] and wish them the best of luck and good hunting on SBI!! § Thank You to all the commanders for tagging up blue!!!! Special shout out to White Char Soul, Setto, Goat, Jelly and many others!! § Shout out to Paul Ella (Knyghtblade) for joining us in TS3 during the HoT Beta Event this past Tuesday!!! It was awesome to see Paul just as excited as everyone else about the new content, exploring the zone with us and finding new content that HE didn’t even know about! § Please consider logging out of WvW if you will idle in spawn for more than 5 minutes. Look, it’s totally cool to hang out in spawn chatting or waiting for the next commander to tag up and we don’t want to discourage folks being social! But we need a balance. We’ve noticed an increase in people AFK or just being idle in spawn and it can be detrimental when the map is queued and we’re trying to rally people up. Please be kind, sacrifice your spot if you know you’re not going to be active on the map and positively encourage others to do the same!! -=TeamSpeak 3 Announcements=- § Groups in TS3 are being re-organized and optimized. LBE to complete roll out is Monday, 01JUNE2015. » The Moderator Group is being retired and replaced with Guild Leader and Guild Leader, WvW » Guild Leaders will be able to assign up to two Officers per guild channel » Guild Leader, Guild Leader, WVW and Guild Officers will be able to assign server groups (ie. Darkhaven, Non Darkhaven, guild tag, etc) » Guild Leaders will also be able to kick/ban from their channels* » Guild Leader, WvW has the same permissions as Guild Leaders EXCEPT they cannot ban from WvW channels. » Guild Leader/Officer permissions follow the client per their assigned Guild Channel. Meaning permissions are activated when the client enters their assigned Guild Channel and are de-activated upon exiting. This prevents Guild Leaders/Officers from being able to kick/ban players from Guild Channels outside of theirs. » Guild Leader, WvW is a SEPARATE group to delineate Guild Channel actions from WvW. Meaning Guild Leader has power in their Guild Channels but DOES NOT have ANY permissions in WvW channels. Guild Leader, WvW has power in WvW channels however DOES NOT have ANY permissions in Guild Channels. » A new group is being created, TS3 Admin. TS3 Admin has additional permissions to temp kick/ban from the server and potentially enter any Guild Channel. We are currently looking for nominations or volunteers for up to 5 TS3 Admins. *If a guild leader is required to ban someone from their channel, they need to right click that persons name, channel group, then apply the “CHANNEL BAN” Permission. This permission has -9999 join power to that channel and will prevent the client from connecting into the channel. » A From/To table is available below: From: To: -=Commanders=- § We desperately need more commanders!! We are dangerously close to burning out our current Commander Core! Please Help!!! § Please don’t yell at our commanders, they’re doing the best they can!! § The DHA is the server siege trove! If you need siege for commander training, please contact Rocket Dog (Rocket Dog.2710)! § Rocket will be map-spamming in PvE to get people to visit and try to get more people into WvW guilds. PLEASE REVIEW/UPDATE YOUR GUILD INFO ON THIS PAGE!! Contact Rocket, Dean or Pancake for help. -=Server Recruiting=- § Apparently even with all the transfers the server is still in “full” status. A wvw transer recently reported trying for 4 hours at 1AM EST to 5AM EST to get in! Crazy!! § If we’re still a full server, we really need to hit up our PvE population to draw them into WvW. Thougts/ideas/suggestions for doing this? § Does anyone know people from Dragonbrand SEA/OCX? What do you guys think about recruiting them to Darkhaven since DB is dropping? § We are also still recruiting guilds for NA and EU!! Let Rocket know if you know of any interested guilds looking to transfer! -=29MAY2015 Reset=- § Need a Blue tag in both Eternal Battlegrounds and Darkhaven Borderlands to serve as map coordinator. § 10 matches with >1% probability § We have a chance (2/10 matches or 20%) of popping HoDB again § Highest single match probabilty is DB and NSP rematch (22% probability) § Next highest single match probability is NSP and CD (19% probabilty) § Highest Frequency of Occurrence is 3/10 matches (30%) for Ebay Strategy § Looking at Glicko we’re dropping a bit and may move down to T5. § We have a good number of guilds that run 2-3 people in WvW. Please consider grouping up and running together! § Long term server goal continues to be play for fun and we end up where we end up in the ratings. » Play for FIGHTS and FUN!!! » Keep things positive! » +5 before reset. North Camp in our BL will be +5 and we should +5 our Garri and EBG Keep as well. » Bring level 80’s to reset. » As many people in Commander Channel as possible. » Protect our Borderland and our third in EBG. » Have fun and look for fights!!! Resources § Server Reset Planning available here: § Abusive Player Guidance: § Useful Mapchats and shouts available here: § How does a Dwarf sleep? Potential Match analysis Numbers available here: *23:30 Server time is: 1:30PM Friday, Honolulu (HAST, UTC-10) 4:30PM Friday, Seattle (PST, UTC-7) 7:30PM Friday, New York (EST, UTC-4) 23:30 Friday, Server (UTC) 12:30AM Satuday, London (BST, UTC+1) 7:30AM Saturday, Singapore (SGT, UTC+8) 9:30AM Saturday, Sydney (AEDT, UTC+10)
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  • 30APRIL2015 Guild Leader and Commander Meeting Commander meeting for Darkhaven on 30APRIL2015.
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  • Darkhaven WvW Comm and Guild Leader 12APR2015
    Darkhaven WvW Comm and Guild Leader 12APR2015 -=WvW LEADER SERVER MEETING=- Date: 12APR2015 Time: 00:00 To 01:00 Server Time Location: DHTS.TK:1337 ( -=General Announcements=- This will be an Open Forum, working meeting. However we will still adhere to some basic meeting rules: -Start and end on time -Have an agenda and come prepared -Talk to the issue, not the person -Only one speaker at a time -Limit disruptions and side conversations -Check the ego's at the door -If you disagree, propose a solution -Demonstrate mutual respect and constructive criticism -=AGENDA=- Note this is not set in stone, please PM Rocket Dog or email me at for other agenda items): -Review Commander status on Darkhaven -Review Server Goals -Review Commander Schedule -Select an owner to chair and lead future meetings *00:00 Server time is: 4 PM Friday, Honolulu (HST) 5 PM Friday, Seattle (PST) 8 PM Friday, New York (EST) 00:00 Satuday, Darkhaven Server (UTC) 1 AM Satuday, London (BST) 8AM Saturday, Singapore (SGT) 10AM Saturday, Sydney (AEDT)
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  • Darkhaven WvW Meeting September 19, 2014 Darkhaven WvW Meeting Setpember 19, 2014
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