Dreamer [rock |2016-05-24]
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Sarantos Releases A New Song Written The Last Time A Friend Mocked & Nicknamed Him "The Dreamer" Of The Group.

Is there anything wrong with being a dreamer? Sarantos is mostly a positive person. That does not mean that the normal wear and tear of life's work doesn't have a toll sometimes. Everyone has good days and bad days. Sarantos might have a tendency though, to routinely fantasize about dreams coming true. Friends and family have been known to tease and mock Sarantos that "his head is always in the clouds." Phrases like "you're such a dreamer" find their way to Sarantos ears on a regular basis. So in response to friends and family, Sarantos decided to write a song called "Dreamer."

There is an honest acknowledgment in the lyrics that maybe Sarantos is in fact a dreamer but there is also a question that oozes sarcasm - "How'd you figure that out?" The end result is a carefree song that parallels Sarantos humble nature. Yes, Sarantos is a dreamer but who cares? Why is that so wrong? If a dreamer doesn't bother or hurt anyone and fulfills all of life's obligations and duties, why would anyone have a problem with dreaming the dream?

"This is a song about being a dreamer," says Sarantos. "This is a carefree rock song about a man who has always been a dreamer ever since he was a little boy. He likes to dream about that perfect life. Why is he such a dreamer? Well the cryptic point of the song is - who cares? Like myself, the character just is a dreamer. He's an optimistic and positive person who is always dreaming about the things he wants. And why shouldn't he? I've been taunted many times for being a dreamer so I thought I should finally do the insult justice and write a song about it! I guess if that's the worse thing my family and friends can say about me, I'll gladly wear that as a badge of honor. I'll take the condemnation as I keep pushing forward with this old dream of mine..."



Verse 1

Once upon a time

Not too long ago
The stars were lining up
Your touch was all I'd know

Chorus 1

You say I'm a dreamer!

How’d you figure that out?
Was it the look in my eyes?
Was it the passion in my heart?

You say I'm a dreamer…

Verse 2

We will be ok

Even when apart
My love will always stay
I’ll never break your heart

Chorus 2

You say I'm a dreamer!

How’d you figure that out?
Was it the look in my eyes?
Was it the passion in my heart?

You say I'm a dreamer…

Am I such a dreamer?
Just because I need her??


Chorus 3

You say I'm a dreamer
I’m glad you figured that out!
When you look into my eyes
You can see what I’m dreaming about


Sometimes I like to dream
About that perfect life
Where you and I can be
Husband and wife

Where you and I can be
In our private paradise

I'm a dreamer
I'm a dreamer
Just a silly dreamer

I'm a dreamer…

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