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Born 1973, Denmark

Starting playing Organ at the age of 12 and soon begun interfering with Synthesizers and sampling.Purchased his first keyboard at age 14 and then gradually build up what is now the Creative Choas Studio

The work is based on the "action-reaction" phenomen - Visual Music.

"songs is (inter)national - instrumential is universal" - Rup

Discovered the Synthesizer at the year of 5 He has been acting as producer, (educated) engineer and musician in more bands. Using: Wavestation synthesizer, D-50 synthesizer, DX7II synthesizer, U-110 synthesizer, S3000 & S-10 sampler, SH-100 Piano, SPD-20, SY-77 synthesize, Blofeld modular, DM10 Elec. Kit and System 1

Now You can also buy "Momentary Memories" on:

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  • Dream-sweeper-part-1
    Dream-sweeper-part-1 From my Album "Momentary Memories" Can still be bought here: https://open.spotify.com/album/0YXLcSiXRYaJ8ZBXQ54c6z
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  • Elements
    Elements This concept was created by Introverts - an insight into the otherwise very closed, but also very beautiful, personal world they are in. Take a trip into a creative, poetic one and emotionally introverted nature that otherwise the few are reserved. Buy the whole Album on: https://open.spotify.com/album/1crl0VnjH9HUbIX22Q1sE8 More Stores to follow
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