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Jigga Bounce, whose real name is Eugene. At about seven years old, Eugene started at a music school to take lessons and composed his first songs. At the age of about 13, he gets his first synthesizer, by which he composed better songs than before. In the early days, a simple tape recorder, with a microphone was provided, as a small "home studio". A specific style was still not visible at that time.
Meanwhile at that age, Eugene moved to Berlin. A chance encounter with the famous DJ Demon (Demon Sasha) occured in a way, as a DJ in various clubs. His career as a DJ began at a club, called Metropol (which is now called „Goya“).
It is followed by a DJ appearance with the famous band "Ruki Vverch", where Eugene has worked as an MC. "Let's heat up the ground!", says Sasha before a performance to Eugene. The latter was shocked by that and said something like "What? Who? Me "? So deeply touched by such a moment, both decided to go to the stage, where as many as 2,000 people filled that hall. The excitement was great, but nevertheless the evening ran flawlessly and the guests were thrilled.
2002 wrote Jigga Bounce his first more professional and more mature sounding songs, that made it on his debut album. While he was moving in the styles of Pop & Dance at that time and beforehand, he discovered something completely new: Hip-Hop!
An unexpected phone call from a record label came in and Eugene had the chance to make his first album, writing under the condition to compose some more good tracks to complete that record. Hard work pays off is and was known by Jigga Bounce and so his noteworthy first album, was released in 2004.
Later followed some other features, among them particularly noteworthy, the one with Brandon Stone, with the hit "White Blonde". In 2006, the second album came out and in the same year, the first video for the track "I Sing" was filmed.
Furthermore Jigga Bounce created a wealth of new songs, that appeared on countless compilations in Russia. By the time, Jigga Bounce’s work was always top class and his name fell more often in certain circles.
He produced his beats from then on, for more unknown bands and performers. At the same time, his circle expanded and he met Geegun (Black Star Inc., a label of Timati, who made a feature with Snoop Dogg in 2009).
2007 was remarked by Eugene's "Ringtone Video", which aired in the known TV Transmitter Music Box, where the best performers or bands of the month were voted. He made the first place.
Two years later, his EP with 4 tracks dropped and was released all over the internet. Shortly afterwards two of his songs appear in the US series „Nikita“.
Right now Jigga Bounce is working on his new productions. His latest works include "Kalinka (Big Room Remix)", "I am a Russian", "Are u ready", "Base" and several remixes. „Hip-hop and rap is now of the past“ - says Jigga Bounce. Today he produces electro stuff and has some other projects to run. For example, the new cooperation with Jacky J & Afro Diva. And on weekends the clubs are rocked.

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