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Website links to the left. The pic of the tea light holders and Japanese fishing buoy are of some of what was stolen in 2012. So if you've seen them anywhere then you may well know the thief or the thief's colleagues. Some background....Josh is the guy who was pursuing me relentlessly for 4 years (I was ambivalent at best) then was trying to get me to give the girl in my apartment $1850 no questions asked after she had already proven herself to be a liar, pick up the mystery package ordered in my name when I was out of town (probably by the girl in my apartment) even after she had sworn to destroy my life and that I would rot in jail forever because her daddy is NYPD, Josh does NOT think finding my name and SSN written down in this girl's whore appointment book that she left behind is good reason to think *someone* had stolen my SSN card. Josh is also the guy who was allowing my niece's scumbag father to threaten abuse and defame me on Josh's youtube channel the day my mother died (and won't listen to to any "hearsay" that that guy is a scumbag) All while declaring his undying love and devotion!

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  • I forgive everyone
    I forgive everyone Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
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  • Chat about NYC landlord robbing me
    Chat about NYC landlord robbing me There was the apartment I sublet out (which "stacy" didn't want to leave) and the apartment I was living in. This is about the landlord of the apartment I was living in. I tell my auntie I know it was the landlord who robbed me not her.
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  • Joe's conditions for marriage
    Joe's conditions for marriage Joe will marry me if I walk around naked in front of him and thinks he should get flashes for his efforts
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  • Josh Torin Mckeon chats about Cointelpro, Organized Gangstalking & paid FBI informants Chat about the FBI 's habit of paying people to inform on and set up others. Malcolm X 's daughter as an example although most people Michael Fitzpatrick set up were nobodies. Josh struggles a bit trying to find some way to claim the FBI was justified in setting up Malcolm X's daughter but can't find a politically correct way to say it. The link is FREE and goes to a google search
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  • Josh Torin Mckeon and Chavez and cleaning up for the maid
    Josh Torin Mckeon and Chavez and cleaning up for the maid He told me later he hates Chavez anyway and thinks he's a clown. Chat about why he took the trash with (the potentially treasonous) scraps of paper in it with him instead of leaving it for the maid. That was the first and only time I saw him display such concern for a hotel maid's work load and/or smoking in non-smoking hotel rooms.
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  • Josh Torin Mckeon and gangstalking
    Josh Torin Mckeon and gangstalking Quick chat to Josh about a new word I just learned. see link for details. It turns out that this sort of thing has a lot of historical precedence. It was common in Eastern Europe and Stalin's Russia and Paulette Cooper was subjected to it by Scientologists. Later someone asked if I wanted him to turn my auntie's pedo BF's name over to underground vigilantes so they could stalk and harass him until he cracked. I said "No thank you" I'm not going to be responsible for sicking 10000 George Zimmermans on anyone's ass. People should be dealt with legally.
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  • Josh Torin Mckeon 's terrible advice
    Josh Torin Mckeon 's terrible advice Josh advises me to totally discredit myself by having myself diagnosed as severely mentally ill. How would having myself declared mentally unfit help anyone besides the people who dosed my weed and ripped me off?
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  • Totally wrong info from an NYPD cop I got totally the wrong info re: my SSN card from a NY cop. Maybe "stacy's" daddy really IS NYPD. The link is to a youtube video of her threats to me. Good thing I didn't delete them from my phone the way Josh did as soon as I asked him to forward them to me or take his advice to do the same with mine.
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  • Josh chats About New York
    Josh chats About New York We discuss NYC, Philly and a 7ft dude with an aluminum bat. Is this the chat where he mentions hanging out with a white supremacist with black velvet paintings in Baltimore who he could barely tolerate? Maybe.
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  •  Flickr & Doom
    Flickr & Doom Josh and I discuss flickr and Doom. Maybe he's right. Maybe I am running from the "devil" and there's no escape. (see the original Flickr chat)
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